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Teary send-off


Me: Are you coming to send me off?
Asta: No. I will not.
Me: But why not?
Asta: Coz I will cry.
Me: Oh.
Asta: That is why I will rather not.
Me: Oh...Haha..


much ..later..

Asta: Queensland big town or small?
Me: Small ler...(my uni there that is)..
Asta: In between can I come visit? Since u there mar...
Me: Oh can.....
Asta: Ok if I have time ar..
Me: You don't cry then ha!

Asta: :-S !!


Anyway, on another note, my father helped me to change this SD card (which is about 126 mb from PenDrive).

It retails for about RM60 at shops?

Anyway, PenDrive gave my dad a new one. Faster speed capabilities.

Hei, it's my right to get it exchanged, so might as well make full use of it.

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