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*SECRET* chat with friends at work....

For those places where pop-up chats and MSN and Yahoo Chat has been banned or cordoned off...well, I think Google Mail really beat the system this time around!


I didn't know about the function till PG texted me online.....I had my Gtalk online though.

Him: Oi. what you doing?
Me: You at home ke?
Him: At work.
Me: At work?? How come?
Him: Gmail chat le.
Me: Gmail chat? What? How? HUH?
Him: Go and check your gmail le....

Minutes later.....

Me: WTF. Don't have le.
Him: It's supposed to appear below your Contacts. Under "Quick Contacts" le..
Me: Hmmm...Maybe not yet. They have to slowly implement the system kwah....
Him....hmmmmm. Maybe also.

So later....when SilverFox appeared online on GTalk...

Me: online on Gmail ke?
SF: Yeah....hei, how you know la?
Me: Me genius le....




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*thank you*

*Thank you*

*thank you*

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