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SilverFOX: Non-decaffeinated, if you will

The day started out quite early for me, literally. By eight in the morning, I was already up and about, preparing to go out. And I met the most unbelievable traffic jam - on an early Wednesday morning! I thought I was the only one left on the roads by that time. You know - homemakers already home from the market, breadwinners already in the office - that sort of stuff. But nooo, everyone had to be late today. Duh~

Anyway, CY finally got her Pagemaker CD. Now all that's left is to install it and see whether or not it works. By the way, I just came back from a launch in Mandarin Oriental after a short mix-up regarding another non-existant launch that was supposed to take place at the same venue. Turns out that two people from the same PR company sent two different emails (from different addresses and names) to my company, hence the mix-up. PR ain't what it used to be. Sigh...

Still, at least the food is scrumpti-licious. By the way, tonight there's also another paid dinner for the staff, courtesy of my company's annual fare. Heh heh. Free food galore, people. That's what makes it so worthwhile to work in the publication line! Good pay, good experience, good food, random (but excellent) gifts and prizes from launches, and more good food :D~~~~~~~~~~~

Now who says work and play don't mix?

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cheayee said...

Hmmm....and I call it a word utility program.

yes, desktop publishing is a good term as well.

Just woke up. Nopz. I havent installed it yet. Just too darn tired to do anything but nap..*yawn* *stretches claws out*

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