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SilverFOX in da house~!

I guess being BackChee and serious (and a Leng Lui) at the same time doesn't give you the desired effects, and something's got to be done to neutralise this negative 'chi' flow. So, here I am, SilverFOX, who was sweet-talked into slaving-err, blogging on this crazy but inspirational blog. CY's great when it comes to serious and thought-provoking stuff, but you can be expecting none of that from me as I'm here to bring balance to the Force ;P

Okay, maybe once or twice...

And, darn it CY! This is just the intro and I'm already racking my brains for more things to say! It's like talking to oneself and thinking at the same time, "Only insane people talk to themselves". Which I did. There I go again. And I did it again. Duh~ it's never gonna stop now, ain't it CY? The BakChee flu strikes again!

Well, at least I can take solace that this isn't about girly stuff that I have to write abou-huh? Wazzat? Nooo, You can't be serious... you mean I have to...? You might as well take my arm and a le-hey, leggo!

*Wrestles away my foot*

Maybe I'll do this again when that time of the month has passed, eh?


cheayee said...

*raises eyebrows*


SilverFOX said...

Thank you for that heartfelt welcome, CY. I felt the warmth :~~~~~

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