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SilverFOX: Dinner and dance @ Passage Thru India

I just came back from a Celcom launch, and is was the first time I had tasted good food ever being served. Where was it? Passage Thru India *yumm*, and it was later in the event while me and my colleague were having our meal when they had a classic Indian dance. But the food was more alluring when you're hungry. If you want to know, we had generous helpings of chapatti (is this how you spell it?), rice, tandoori chicken, some cooked/steamed veggies in spicy gravy, and a few HUGE prawns. How huge? Enough to keep you digging at its meat for at least five minutes *gah!*

Of course, the event was quite interesting too, as Celcom introduced complementary Tamil services for their recent Tamil Short Messaging Service (SMS). Celcom's guest of honour YBhg Dato' S Veerasingam (Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs) shared a small joke with us:

"There was a poor woodcutter who lost his one and only axe in the lake while he was chopping for wood nearby. In desperation, he called out to god for divine intervention. Lo and behold! A goddess appeared from below the lake and presented him with a golden axe. But the honest woodcutter said it was not his. The goddess went under and appeared with a silver axe. Again, the honest fellow shook his head. When the goddess appeared for the third time and brought up an old and battered axe, he shouted with joy and claimed that was his axe. The goddess then proceeded to reward the woodcutter for his kindness with both the golden and silver axe as well.

"Excited, he ran home and told his wife what happened. The wife insisted that she wanted to see the goddess for herself, and so she ran off to the place where her husband said it was. Upon reaching the place, she lost her balance and fell into the lake. The woodcutter, who was in tow, was horrified. Then the same goddess suddenly appeared before him from below the lake, carrying Aishwarya Rai in her hands. The goddess proceeded to ask the woodcutter whether or not is this the wife he had lost. Without hesitation, he immediate said yes.

"Angered, the goddess chided the woodcutter for his dishonesty. Miffed, he replied, 'I know what will happen next if I deny her as my wife. You'll bring up
Mallika Sherawat the second time and the third would be my wife. For my previous honesty, you rewarded me with three axes. Now tell me: how in the world am I able to handle three wives?!' "

Yup, you guessed it - this is one of the many jokes available in Tamil from the new Tamil Content services on your mobile phones. Other services include horoscope reading, news and beauty tips.

So, for anyone of you who are looking for a classy dining place that serves delicious Indian food, give Passage Thru India a try. I don't know about the cost though, as we media people always get our food for free, not matter how good or bad it can be. Haha.

As for pictures of the said delicious food, well... *sheepish* I kinda polished off every bit of tasty morsel on my plate before I realised that I haven't taken any pictures for you peeps to drool over. Maybe next time one of you will allow me to tag along to Passage Thru India ;)

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