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My I.T sojourn at Low Yat Plaza.

I am going to write this out, coz I don't want to repeat the same information to everyone as I did to Ai Ling over the phone the other day. You can READ it here yourself.

Initially I wanted to get the Logitech webcam from Jess (as I told AiLing earlier), but on Sunday (which is New Year's Day), when I was out looking for some electronic gadgets at Low Yat, I decided to look for four things at once.

1) Laptop (to take to Australia).
2) WebCam. (for the heck of it).
3) Digital Camera (to replace the one I lost thanks to.....some stupid incident where only PG was witness to. It really was a *stupid* incident. Don't you think so, Mr.Smart Ass?)
4) A microphone. (the one that i bought just broke like that!) *damn it!*

Anyway, I wasn't sure whether I'd inherit the laptop my dad has, or whether I'd get a new one, so anyway, I took the flyers. (just in case. or to survey the prices, that is).

Webcam: The one that Jess has is a Logitech Webcam Chat that she bought for RM99. The IT hypermarket we went to was retailing it for RM85, about RM14 less! *woah*.
I asked the salesperson to recommend us the best webcam, and he suggested the VGear Webcam, that came at the price of RM90, equipped with an in-built microphone system as well as surveillance system software.

Yes, a surveillance system, that allows it to be activated when an intruder./motion is detected by the camera, it can automatically record the video action and send it to a specific ip address, or it can be kept in the computer for later reviewing purposes. *CooL huh?*

I told the fella if it breaks down, I am going to go back to the store, look for *HIM*, and get a replacement.

He nodded his head.

Digital camera: The Nikon one that Jess has is pretty adept, aside from the lack of backlight. The shutter speed is comparable (better than my previous one for that matter!). I thought it was worth a look. So I had my eye out for the Nikon range of cameras.

From what I could see, the stores selling at Endah Parade had a better package deal? I haven't decided what to get at this point of time, but I am still on the look out for a better package (minus a tripod, minus a bloody useless VIP card which I could not care less about). Of which, it could the Casio Exilim, or a Nikon. Of course, the Canon one is worth a look as well, but I haven't had time to think about that.

OH, OH......the SD cards are selling at a steal now....SD256MB is retaiiling for abt RM70++. SD500MB for RM150+ and 1 GB for RM250 or less!!

Woah..Such a price drop compared to the time Vince got me my Kingston SD card. Darn bloody pricey then!!

Microphone: I saw this stereo microphone (you know, the rectangular prism geometric shaped mics they have for the cassette recorder?) Anyway, I saw one retailing in the IT store for about RM90!!!

*Madness!* *F*****K!!!*

Then I remembered that I had exactly a similar one at home which I had never thought of using??
Then I realised, why am I getting a microphone for RM20++ when I alraeady have something better than that at home, right?

So off I went to the counter, and used my Maybank Card to pay + the extra 2percent commision that is levied for credit card used *blah blah blah*

Anyway, the moment I got home, I installed the webcam. Always install the driver before letting it detect the hardware, so the manual says.

I did exactly that.

I managed to rummage through the drawers, and to my luck, I found it exactly where I thought it would be. Nonetheless, to my surprise, it turns out the microphone is much much powerful than the stereo microphone I have. So powerful that there was static when I used it on Gtalk, that I had to switch to using the microphone.There I was, the entire night, fiddling with the audio controls, just wondering how to deactivate the use of the microphone.

Jack said he could hear static on gtalk when he was talking online to me. So did Gordon.


Well, i did fix it. After about two hours.....*lolz*.

Initially I thought it was a problem with the in-built mic being used for Gtalk and the video from MSN separately. (which I normally use in that fashion). But it was not.
After experimenting with both, I realised that the inbuilt mic was too loud, and had to use the stereo mic (which is not as powerful as the webcam)> Well, it should be. Its a 15 year old Panasonic stereo mic!!! (my dad bought it when I was still in primary school!!) *lolz*

So, this evening, I transferred the webcam to the desktop in the hall outside. Well . Well...guess what I found out??

In the event of fixing the webcam and tuning both the audio and webcam system, I fixed something in the process that my network engineering systems major of a cousin could not. Something that he did not care to check. It turns out that there was nothing wrong with the audio system in the desktop of this while.

It is and was working perfectly fine........except for error that was overlooked and noone ever thought of looking at. To my joyous delight. And to think, all of us thought there was a problem with the sound card these past two years.......*RiGhT*..

Kingsley, you have some explaining to do!!!!!

Anyway, my dad is going to get me a new laptop!!!! Woo Hoo!!!


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