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Mates: Many thanks of the Day.


Grayfox Zero
For helping me with my writeup. I still haven't heard from the editor, Ashley, but I should get a reply from her on Monday morning.

Kamigoroshi & Albert:

For taking time out to help check out the cameras. I was bloody hungry then if you didn't know that, and you guys were in a rush!! Ok, maybe No Black Tie can wait for me till later. I have yet to see Shelley Leong in action yet so far, but I have never heard her music. Next time then.

Nice meeting you, Edrei.

Ok, the Canon one seems like a good deal. But heck, I didn't get it at Times Square. Anyway, if it retails for the same price almost anywhere, I might as well get it near my place. In case any mishap happens, it would definitely be much nearer anyway!

As for the Fuji Finepix....*hmmm* dunno ler. Anyway, no rush yet.

I went to All IT Hypermarket yesterday. The technician, Amir (who looked more Bosnian white than malay) recognised me from the screenshots of the previous webcam I sent him through email. The other salesperson who attended to me was Jeff.

Well, I bought another webcam, (topped-up...that is) for RM20, making it a GRAND TOTAL of RM110 for the webcam. It's VERY VERY CLEAR if you want to know.... ;-). Not to mention that it has special effects, as well as Full Screen functionalities. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I shall provide screenshots very soon.

Joseph: Thanks for taking time out to *ummm* reformat the coomputer to upgrade it to Windows 2k!!

Didn't know it would take such a long time!! There is still part 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learnt from her that it is better not to take things so personally. That is, I decided to wait it out and not react badly, and in the process letting the other person get the satisfaction of knowing that what they did really got to me. (to which she started singing "Its No longer I that liveth!!) *lolz* Especially if I know that they had done it on purpose.


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