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Slow processing of university applcation

Now, if you are wondering if I had procrastinated in my application to further my studies just like any other Malaysian, the truth is I didn't.

I had sent the email that Gloria (the administrator) required of me way early in November, and I gave her the trust that I would expect her to send it to USQ, as all that was required was just for her to type some words and press "Send".

Unfortunately, that was SO NOT THE CASE.

Guess what? She told me SHE FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT. After I had nicely done my part.

All I can say now is that, if ever I had to do anything early, I have to make sure I keep reminding the person every 3 days. I cant assume that they would do anything and remember.

Guess what her excuse was? OH it's ONLY in the month of MARCH.

Well, it's not just your own agenda. I as the student, have to prepare everything in advance. Do you know how her thoughtlessness has caused me much inconvenience as well?

So do excuse me if I kept pushing or reminding you about something. I will give you a time span of a few days, but I will come back to you in within 2-3 days if I don't hear from you about it.

I told my dad what happened. He asked me if he could "speak" to the boss of Gloria. I said there was no need. However I AM feeling so exasperated over what Gloria had done.

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