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First day of Chinese new Year 2006


First day of Chinese new Year 2006



I wrote in last night to Smith, my lecturer for an extension on my final Sociology assignment. S/he extended it to the 27th, which should give me ample time enough to do it....THANK HEAVENS! Now I wouldn't have to worry so much about it that much.

However, surprisingly I didn't request one for my play essay (which apparently a lot of my classmates did request for one). One of my classmates, MF, did a 60-page f portfolio for the Play Based essay, (which all of us are like looking up in the air and saying, " she really beat us to it, didn't she??". Being that there is no word limit to it, I bet she will score 100 upon 100 if THAT is possible. She really surpassed all of us........... *no comment left liao*. Of course, coming from a background (where she has to do presentations and long proposals is one factor behind it. The training for it, is of course, one of the key factors in which she can just do it without blinking an eye over it!)

I did not do so badly for the first essay, and therefore felt that I did not need to request for an extension, although many of the other classmates did.

Well, to each their own.

Ok, I was hoping to get a cammie at IOI Mall yesterday, but it seems that Lady Luck was biding her time. GrayFox sent me a cryptic message "I AM one WITH THE FISHES", thinking I could not scout out where he was.


Anyway, I got myself a nice new pair of pricey (considerably) pale mocha-green open-toed 3 inch heels from Bata.
Guy's response?
GORGEOUS. Just.Wait. Till. You. See. Them.

We went clothes whoring. GrayFox said that guys have this joke about fathers/men not giving enough dough to their woman to buy clothes.

But paradoxically, it seems the skimpier the clothes the more expensive it is!!

Now, that seems RATHER WRONG, don't you think??

Last night went to Uncle Albert's for reunion dinner.

yee sang at Uncle Albert's.
Yee Sang to start the reunion dinner (pix in fast motion neh..)

I checked out the wireless hub they have....Ok. I have a wireless laptop (in front of me), but we do not have a wireless hub at home. So, there is absolutely no way we can go wireless anywhere at home......

Anyway, isn't it cool that now I can just bring my lappie to STARBUCKS and pretend to be like one of those big shots (dressed in an office suit, of course!) and surf the net on my lappie? WAY COOL!

I went out with Agnes to the Golden Arches at CentrePoint. Haven't been there since..... well, if you have noticed, the Golden Arches introduced a new range of coffee drinks recently....a bit slow, huh??

Anyway, check out OZ's Golden Arches...Let me get acquainted with their menu since I am heading there soon...can't wait to check out their variety of bacon (pork) burgers...Deli Choices, Salads Plus and McCafe...*YuMmY*...

CHOR YAT was ok ler. In the morning, I went for Sunday Service.


Went to Wai Poh after that.

Heng Ku brought their chinese breed dog...."a toy dog" of some sort to grandma's.


Grandma gave me a a nice amount for New Year. Well, actually, this is essentially to wish me luck when I go to OZ.

Siu Yeh wanted to go Sing K at Pyramid, but the place is charging RM30 p/head...NAH, not worth it, even if there is buffet provided. HOW MUCH can we eat anyway?

Hmmm....maybe later, after Tai Ku's!

We're going to Tai Ku's home in Bangsar later. Big house. Sucky Food. Same thing every year. OH well. That's CNY for me every year!

IT's the YEAR of the DOG after all!!
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The Passport Photo Scam at Immigration.

The Passport Photo Scam at Immigration.

Ok. It's already Chinese New Year here, so people, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Yeah, I do have some interesting stories to tell.

On Friday, I went to renew my passport at the immigration near Help Institute. The first thing when you walk into the area are the many numbers of photocopy and instant passport photoshops around. I was there before 8am, and got my number (about the 32nd person!!). I showed my passport sized photos to the staff manning the counter when he gave me my number.

Actually, I had two sizes of photos, one is for (previously IC size), and the other which is passport size. So I asked him if it was okay (I wanted to check the colour of the photo background), and instead of helping me, he said that I may have to go to the stall outside to get the photos re-done.

He spoke in Malay.

Me: Is this the right one for the form? Ok, there are two sizes here.
Man: No... I think you have to get it re-done.
Me: Why should I? This IS passport size. The place I got it done says that it was passport size. I shouldn't have to re-do it.
Man: Well, I am not sure. You COULD try.

To which, after that I was pretty annoyed. I went around looking for the washroom as I needed to use it, and walked outside past a instant photo stall, and asked for directions for the washroom.
So he led me out of the place and showed me where it was. A woman who saw him leading me to the washroom, then proceeded to ask me:

Woman: Did that man asked you to do your photos?
Me: No. He didn't say anything about photos. I asked him for directions to the toilet.
Woman: Oh.
(To which, the woman just went straight into the washroom).

Ok. I paid to enter the washroom. From previous experience, if you are a staff of any place, you will get to use the toilet facilities for free. Actually, I didn't even have to pay to enter the toilet if only I had pretended to be the staff here.

But being the loyal outstanding honest citizen I was, I did.

When the woman asked me that question, I could then read between the lines of what she was trying to say. So later, when I went up to the stalls, and made a copy of IC at one of the stalls. I started to complain.

Me: Apa ini la. I bring my photo here, the man up there complain-complain this lar. That lar.
Photocopy man: Oh....aiya, you know, business mah. You have to be Confident, you know?
Me: Ok. (Point Taken).

After which, I just went up to the hall and found a place to sit and waited. When my number was called, I went to the counter, gave my photo and started a nice conversation.

Me: Why ah, these people ah, I got photo also complain wan ah? Size not right lar. THis lar. That lar.
Woman at counter: Who said it?
Me: No idea lar. But one of the people lar. Can't remember....

I didn't want to tell her anything, since she was one of the staff there. If I had asked if the photo was correctly sized, or if there was something wrong with the picture, I am SO SURE she would have asked me to go to the shop to get my picture re-done AS WELL.

Who would know that beneath the exterior of these so-called people who manned the counters, there lies the....many who want to make a quick buck out of the situation. I am sure that many people had been conned this way to get their pictures re-done and pay an extra RM7 to RM12 for each set of new photos they make. My mom was probably one of those were done in.

Of course, if you read between the lines, without saying, there would probably be some understanding between the people who minded these counters and the instant photo stalls. For the sake of money, they have allowed their greed for money to do what is unethically wrong.

God has seriously been gracious to me. He has opened my eyes to learn to read between the lines of what people do but not say. I hope you would too. Indeed. Image is So Superficial. But unfortunately even Jesus in the Bible itself says, to deal with these kind of people, we have to be "as wise as serpents and innocent as doves" (Matthew10:16).
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Slow processing of university applcation


Slow processing of university applcation

Now, if you are wondering if I had procrastinated in my application to further my studies just like any other Malaysian, the truth is I didn't.

I had sent the email that Gloria (the administrator) required of me way early in November, and I gave her the trust that I would expect her to send it to USQ, as all that was required was just for her to type some words and press "Send".

Unfortunately, that was SO NOT THE CASE.

Guess what? She told me SHE FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT. After I had nicely done my part.

All I can say now is that, if ever I had to do anything early, I have to make sure I keep reminding the person every 3 days. I cant assume that they would do anything and remember.

Guess what her excuse was? OH it's ONLY in the month of MARCH.

Well, it's not just your own agenda. I as the student, have to prepare everything in advance. Do you know how her thoughtlessness has caused me much inconvenience as well?

So do excuse me if I kept pushing or reminding you about something. I will give you a time span of a few days, but I will come back to you in within 2-3 days if I don't hear from you about it.

I told my dad what happened. He asked me if he could "speak" to the boss of Gloria. I said there was no need. However I AM feeling so exasperated over what Gloria had done.
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Results for Cross-Cultural.


Results for Cross-Cultural.

If you are wondering why am I an owl tonight.....

I am up doing my assignments in time for Friday and doing some transcripts for my child observations.

Ok....just checked my results for Cross-Cultural Communication...Nopz..I didn't get a HD but got an A for it!! (HD is the highest mark after A).
I got a 31 out of a 45 for my 3rd project, but altogether I did pretty well for the first two projects, which was an online PowerPoint presentation as well as a Case Study for the 2nd project.
Averaged out, I scored an A for overall.

Hehe....Now is a matter of doing my Play Based Pedagogies essay and handing it up on Friday..*sweat*.

Anyway,seems that I have to get a new Nokia charger for my handphone. The wire broke......*sweat*

Uh....oh you mean can get phone chargers at phone stalls..*right*

*knocks head against the wall*

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SilverFOX: Non-decaffeinated, if you will


SilverFOX: Non-decaffeinated, if you will

The day started out quite early for me, literally. By eight in the morning, I was already up and about, preparing to go out. And I met the most unbelievable traffic jam - on an early Wednesday morning! I thought I was the only one left on the roads by that time. You know - homemakers already home from the market, breadwinners already in the office - that sort of stuff. But nooo, everyone had to be late today. Duh~

Anyway, CY finally got her Pagemaker CD. Now all that's left is to install it and see whether or not it works. By the way, I just came back from a launch in Mandarin Oriental after a short mix-up regarding another non-existant launch that was supposed to take place at the same venue. Turns out that two people from the same PR company sent two different emails (from different addresses and names) to my company, hence the mix-up. PR ain't what it used to be. Sigh...

Still, at least the food is scrumpti-licious. By the way, tonight there's also another paid dinner for the staff, courtesy of my company's annual fare. Heh heh. Free food galore, people. That's what makes it so worthwhile to work in the publication line! Good pay, good experience, good food, random (but excellent) gifts and prizes from launches, and more good food :D~~~~~~~~~~~

Now who says work and play don't mix?
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Results ARE Out!


Results ARE Out!

Rub it in, will ya, Foxy?

I can cook when I wish like cooking. Thank. You.Very. Much.

Thanks for taking the time to get the word utility parents have been livid over having to use a new OS system. Besides, I was sick of Windows 98 for the past one year, and have been trying to upgrade it to something more Net Accessible. Nevermind if its only Win2K.

But they won't regret it in the long run, coz it will save them tons in phone charges when they can either call through Skype or Google Talk when I head Down Under.
It was the same with my brother.
HECK. They may even check out my blog to find out whats new in my life (just like what Laynie's dad does anyway! *LOL*). That will BE THE END of me then!! haha.

Anyway, I just got my results. Play Based Pedagogies 68/100 (40%). Another paper to go. Which accounts for 60% of the total assessment.

And Families & Societies just only passed........out of 40.
You. Do. The. Math. The remaining is 60 % of total assessment.

Just spoke to Alice. She also the same.....*Haha*

Sigh. Sociology can be a pain. But it is interesting no less. I have to make sure I do better in the remaining 60% left for the paper. *lolz*

Cant wait to see what remarks the lecturer has put in the paper. I bet they can tell I have never done sociology before. Lolz.
(and it was something on Special Needs. *hint hint*. )

SilverFOX: Monday just broke my heart again


SilverFOX: Monday just broke my heart again

"There's no business like s-l-o-w business,
Like no business I know,
Everything 'bout it is unappealing,
Everything the traffic will allow,
No where you can have that dreaded feeling..."

Yep folks, today's another dreaded Monday, and things have been moving as quickly as a tortoise half asleep. The hours have been a torture, especially waiting for the time when we can leave for work. When the little hands of the clock finally pointed to the hour of freedom, guess what? The radio DJ happily announced that there's a horrendous traffic jam, starting from the place where I work until Ampang Point. And apparently there's another one at Taman Maluri too. Well, so much for going home early and getting a crack at my darling PS2. When it rains, it pours in buckets. Sigh.

By the way, I didn't know CY can cook. When the situation calls for it, I guess she can. When she does, remember to pray...
I mean, for the Lord's providence and things like that :p
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Memoirs of a Geisha.


Memoirs of a Geisha.

Anyway, Memoirs of a Geisha...was SURPRISINGLY GOOD.

Although all three main characters were acted by Chinese women, nonetheless, they did put in a good performance.

I wonder if there really were no Japanese women around who could act that well???
I wonder, aren't there any fluent English speaking Japanese actresses around? Yeah, I went to IOI this evening after class to change for a word utility cd, but unfortunately the shop didn't have stock. I decided to catch Memoirs of A Geisha. GrayFox joined me not too soon after that.

Guess what we had for dinner? can guess it already....

SUSHI ! *haha!*


1) Well. I have one totally BIG FAT ASS of an assignment due on Friday. It's 5 essays (including references).
2) Not to mention that I have to update my Internship File by Friday, (for Melanie to go through).
3) and I need to get a 6k AUD bankdraft ready by Monday. *hmmm*. (and drive down to college again!)
4) Plus I am trying to get data for 11 observations for my child observation done by Chinese New Year. (God, please help me that I don't fall asleep half way).
5) I also need to observe my Special Needs child. *hmmm* I hope the mother agrees. I cannot bear another heart attack soon. Going to call the mother tomorrow after church.
6) Book accomodations.
7) Book airflight tickets. Do. this. online? *heck, just call my mom to do this. I have no time to do it.*

Can I quit my job already? I hope I can do that by 2nd week of Chinese New Year.


Bloody. Now you know that I really have no time to berak.
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SilverFOX: Dinner and dance @ Passage Thru India


SilverFOX: Dinner and dance @ Passage Thru India

I just came back from a Celcom launch, and is was the first time I had tasted good food ever being served. Where was it? Passage Thru India *yumm*, and it was later in the event while me and my colleague were having our meal when they had a classic Indian dance. But the food was more alluring when you're hungry. If you want to know, we had generous helpings of chapatti (is this how you spell it?), rice, tandoori chicken, some cooked/steamed veggies in spicy gravy, and a few HUGE prawns. How huge? Enough to keep you digging at its meat for at least five minutes *gah!*

Of course, the event was quite interesting too, as Celcom introduced complementary Tamil services for their recent Tamil Short Messaging Service (SMS). Celcom's guest of honour YBhg Dato' S Veerasingam (Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs) shared a small joke with us:

"There was a poor woodcutter who lost his one and only axe in the lake while he was chopping for wood nearby. In desperation, he called out to god for divine intervention. Lo and behold! A goddess appeared from below the lake and presented him with a golden axe. But the honest woodcutter said it was not his. The goddess went under and appeared with a silver axe. Again, the honest fellow shook his head. When the goddess appeared for the third time and brought up an old and battered axe, he shouted with joy and claimed that was his axe. The goddess then proceeded to reward the woodcutter for his kindness with both the golden and silver axe as well.

"Excited, he ran home and told his wife what happened. The wife insisted that she wanted to see the goddess for herself, and so she ran off to the place where her husband said it was. Upon reaching the place, she lost her balance and fell into the lake. The woodcutter, who was in tow, was horrified. Then the same goddess suddenly appeared before him from below the lake, carrying Aishwarya Rai in her hands. The goddess proceeded to ask the woodcutter whether or not is this the wife he had lost. Without hesitation, he immediate said yes.

"Angered, the goddess chided the woodcutter for his dishonesty. Miffed, he replied, 'I know what will happen next if I deny her as my wife. You'll bring up
Mallika Sherawat the second time and the third would be my wife. For my previous honesty, you rewarded me with three axes. Now tell me: how in the world am I able to handle three wives?!' "

Yup, you guessed it - this is one of the many jokes available in Tamil from the new Tamil Content services on your mobile phones. Other services include horoscope reading, news and beauty tips.

So, for anyone of you who are looking for a classy dining place that serves delicious Indian food, give Passage Thru India a try. I don't know about the cost though, as we media people always get our food for free, not matter how good or bad it can be. Haha.

As for pictures of the said delicious food, well... *sheepish* I kinda polished off every bit of tasty morsel on my plate before I realised that I haven't taken any pictures for you peeps to drool over. Maybe next time one of you will allow me to tag along to Passage Thru India ;)
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SilverFOX in da house~!


SilverFOX in da house~!

I guess being BackChee and serious (and a Leng Lui) at the same time doesn't give you the desired effects, and something's got to be done to neutralise this negative 'chi' flow. So, here I am, SilverFOX, who was sweet-talked into slaving-err, blogging on this crazy but inspirational blog. CY's great when it comes to serious and thought-provoking stuff, but you can be expecting none of that from me as I'm here to bring balance to the Force ;P

Okay, maybe once or twice...

And, darn it CY! This is just the intro and I'm already racking my brains for more things to say! It's like talking to oneself and thinking at the same time, "Only insane people talk to themselves". Which I did. There I go again. And I did it again. Duh~ it's never gonna stop now, ain't it CY? The BakChee flu strikes again!

Well, at least I can take solace that this isn't about girly stuff that I have to write abou-huh? Wazzat? Nooo, You can't be serious... you mean I have to...? You might as well take my arm and a le-hey, leggo!

*Wrestles away my foot*

Maybe I'll do this again when that time of the month has passed, eh?
My Operations Systems Win2K finally up!!

My Operations Systems Win2K finally up!!

My Windows 2K is finally up!! After 2 days of painstaking labour, Joseph managed to finally set up the OS up. I can finally use Google Talk and Earth on the desktop at home!! *HOORAY*.

No less, I have been wanting to change it for ages, BUT my brother was not willing to lift a hand up to help in any way. Joseph allocated 10 GB for the drive C, and the rest of 27 GB for drive D. Hardware and all these technicalities is not my forte, but nonetheless, it is important I know a bit of what is happening as not to be so jakun le....

My dad finally settled on the Dell Inspiron 630m, and we are getting it online. Factors being, there is customer service online when ever there is a problem and the current promotion that Dell is currently offering. (whatever it is, I have no idea, but the specifications of the laptop that I know so far seems fine by me anyway.)

Yes, I finally managed to write out an email to one of my parents in regard to requesting authorization to observe the child for my Special Needs course. I spoke to her this morning, and asked her to go and chekc it online first. She has not referred back to me as yet, but somehow I feel optimistic about it.

Melanie is coming again this Friday, and I would like to be as ready as possible and go through my reflections before she steps in. *I Have To Anyway*! Anyway, my offer letter from uni just came in in the email....ALRIGHT!!!Can't wait to go through it.

Have a nice day people... :-)
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Jonah Day.


Jonah Day.

I knew it the moment my gold hand bracelet broke this morning. Now I have to head to Poh Kong to get it fixed. *sigh*.

Then my colleague, Bee Sien got sick and went home. Now, that's another bad omen.

Now, I find that my bloody Wira is giving me Fuel Mileage problems again.

RM40 (not even premium now..) going for 180km. 

How Preposterous!!

After which,

I called my editor. She says she is going to change the article. I dunno what she wants ler.

She says this. She says that.
She wanted this. She wanted that.
And when I emailed her the attachment, she said she was going to change it to something else.
I think I am  going to FAINT.

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Mates: Many thanks of the Day.

Mates: Many thanks of the Day.


Grayfox Zero
For helping me with my writeup. I still haven't heard from the editor, Ashley, but I should get a reply from her on Monday morning.

Kamigoroshi & Albert:

For taking time out to help check out the cameras. I was bloody hungry then if you didn't know that, and you guys were in a rush!! Ok, maybe No Black Tie can wait for me till later. I have yet to see Shelley Leong in action yet so far, but I have never heard her music. Next time then.

Nice meeting you, Edrei.

Ok, the Canon one seems like a good deal. But heck, I didn't get it at Times Square. Anyway, if it retails for the same price almost anywhere, I might as well get it near my place. In case any mishap happens, it would definitely be much nearer anyway!

As for the Fuji Finepix....*hmmm* dunno ler. Anyway, no rush yet.

I went to All IT Hypermarket yesterday. The technician, Amir (who looked more Bosnian white than malay) recognised me from the screenshots of the previous webcam I sent him through email. The other salesperson who attended to me was Jeff.

Well, I bought another webcam, (topped-up...that is) for RM20, making it a GRAND TOTAL of RM110 for the webcam. It's VERY VERY CLEAR if you want to know.... ;-). Not to mention that it has special effects, as well as Full Screen functionalities. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I shall provide screenshots very soon.

Joseph: Thanks for taking time out to *ummm* reformat the coomputer to upgrade it to Windows 2k!!

Didn't know it would take such a long time!! There is still part 2 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learnt from her that it is better not to take things so personally. That is, I decided to wait it out and not react badly, and in the process letting the other person get the satisfaction of knowing that what they did really got to me. (to which she started singing "Its No longer I that liveth!!) *lolz* Especially if I know that they had done it on purpose.

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Customer Service tests The Crunch.


Customer Service tests The Crunch.

9th Jan 06:
On Friday, I was in a pissy mood.

Nonetheless, I still have a *good* heart.

1) I wrote an e-mail to PenDrive on Friday afternoon regarding my faulty SD card. I even sent in a screenshot of the SD Card.....Here is their prompt reply that I received today.


Dear ----- Chea Yee,
Please forward your SD card to our HQ in Dataran Prima PJ.
We will check your card condition. If it is defective as you discribe, we will exchange new card to you without any charges.
best regards, Technical Support

2) I wrote an email to Sheaffer International. It was to do with PG's faulty and leaky Sheaffer pen I got him for his birthday last year. He did get re-fills, but it still leaked.

Well, if he doesn't want it (a faulty pen), I can send it for repairs and use it for myself. *wide grin*.

Thank You, PG. I wouldn't mind it very much. :-)

3) Today, I called up the company where I bought my V-Gear Bee 1.1 webcam at All IT Hypermarket at Low Yat Plaza. I even sent them an email with images taken using the webcam this week and last week. Let's see if I get a reply from there. I even sent an email to the international website and VGear Customer Service email. It doesn't really matter if I don't get a reply from the International Site, but it would definitely BOOST their image, and see how helpful their Customer Servvice is when Customers require Help.

10th Jan:

Webcam: I found out what the problem was. From Albert. Now, I am awaiting an answer from the technical guys. If they don't know, I shall screw them. It's their JOB to know.

Anyway, Albert is going to go cam-shopping with me one of these days for the new one. He has a Canon cam. Well, actually I DO think Canon is good. He got his for RM900, but without the SD card.

Well, SD card only costs RM75 for 200+MB, so WHAT is the Big Deal? If the company gives me a disk with any less storage, they are SHORTCUTTING me.

What about the CASIO Exilim? I don' t know. I am going to check out the Canon he recommended. Well, at least for the Canon that he has (I know he has one, coz I checked out his Canon's whilst at KY's place. I took a picture of a fan), you can apply filters to it to give a differentiated effect, rather than the point-focus-click function on almost any other camera.
(If one has the time anyway!).
My reply from VGear. I had problems registering the webcam.
Dear user:
Please fill the space in warranty card . You can mail or fax the registry form
to us. Let us try to registry it! If you have any question, please feel
free to contact me. Thank you very much.

Best Wishes!

Customer Service
Div Asiamajor Inc.

*Right*. Helllo....?
And from HonestTech:

Dear valued customer,

The bundled software that you are referring to is a customized version to meet specific needs of the hardware manufacturers.

Please be advised that we are a software company, and we have limitation on how much support we can provide on the hardware and its customized software. Based on your description, it appears that the driver for your hardware is not installed and/or functioning properly.

We recommend that you visit the hardware manufacturer's website to download and install the latest driver for your hardware. You may find the
hardware manufacturer's contact information on the hardware packaging box or in the user's manual.
Thank you,
Sunny ----
Honest Technology Tech Support Team

Misdiagnosed problem neh.....Even Albert knew what the problem was the moment I told him!!

Sheaffer: Still awaiting news. I wrote another email to Michele.Beach at BicWorld. Yes, Sheaffer is a subsidiary of Bic World. We'll see how long staff of this big INK conglomerate takes to answer customer support.

11th January:

Today I got two calls.

Sheaffer: I got a call and a text message from Audrey frm BicWorld. Probably the email to Michele at BicWorld. did the trick! PG is going to send the pen for servicing by himself at KLCC.(he has to do the rest oor himself ler....). They should put that information on the main website..*Helllo*....

Webcam: I got a call from the IT department from the technician, Amir. He said I should bring in the webcam to have a check up. Hmm..Actually he tried callling about three times yesteday but I didn't pick up. I know, coz I called back.

Emails and screenshots are a good thing.
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From Mole Hill to a Big Hill.


From Mole Hill to a Big Hill.

25"Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court.
Do it while you are still with him on the way,
or he may hand you over to the judge,
and the judge may hand you over to the officer,
and you may be thrown into prison.

I tell you the truth,
you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.

(Matthew 5: 25-26)


Today we were discussing about reflecting on our professional practice as teachers, and our lecturer, Dr.Leow brought up this thing about "apologizing" in the education line. (which really, at its end, a service industry).

She told us about a teacher who was under her employment who had refused to apologize to the parents regarding some strategy she had employed on some of the children who had been trying the teacher's patience. Nonetheless, the teacher had unintentionally done somethng which was culturally a taboo, and the parents wanted her to apologize.

Instead, Dr.Leow was the one who apologized instead of the teacher. Unfortunately, it so happened that the set of parents were by vocation lawyers! The father wrote in the next day with a formal letter requesting that THAT teacher, who didn't apologize gave a formal apology TO THEM, or he would bring it to court case, (or something of that sort)....

So the poor teacher, had to write it out on black and white.. Dr. Leow commented that IF ONLY the teacher herself had not been so stubborn, the whole entire issue could have been avoided altogether. Even if the teacher were to fake it, it wouldn't matter, but at least the whole situation could have been diffused just by the teacher saying sorry...


That's the thing about being in a service line....we can never say that the child is naughty even if they really were....diplomacy & tactfulness are skills & traits that all teachers have to cultivate and develop to stay in the business.....
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017 Sim card for sale.


017 Sim card for sale.

Two Maxis Sim Cards going for RM100 each. Sorry, but no credit left inside.
You gotta top up yourself.

Best part, NO NEED to register names.

Terrorists wannabes need not apply.

Cash term upfront only, Or please bank into my Maybank account.

If interested, please send me your email through the comments, and I will get back soonest possible.

If you think RM100 is expensive, I had to pay RM175 for a Maxis 012 sim card years ago, so don't you dare give that silly excuse.

The money shall go to payment of my new camera.

Thank You.
The very gay-fully "Wee"  Family of Cousins.

The very gay-fully "Wee" Family of Cousins.

The only thing I can deduce from the exercise below is......there will be some people who will have trouble finding girlfriends.

If guys can't stand having a girl who is as " manja" as me....All I can say is "damn".

Girl friends will have a hard time with such guys.

In my opinion, TOO BAD. My Gain, YOUR Loss, as Annie always said. Right, Annie? ;-)


Anyway, spending time with my nieces are among the best ways I can spend my time.

Kimmy Kylie Y. has grown from a pre-teen to a teenager who is conscious about herself now. She does not like being photographed (in a non-studio setting).

As Montessori states, a child who is confident for the first six years of her life (more for girls, in my opinion), will become again like a caterpillar just emerging from the cocoon at the brink of teenage hood. And I see this happening with my niece. It is a strange new world for her.

Anyway, as much as it is, I didn't say it out my thoughts to the girls, but was looking through the studio pictures that my nieces took. It seems the shorter, noisier, tantrum-y younger sister, Michelle Sally Y. seems to be the looker. Although she is only in her pre-teens, I see a future for her in modelling. Lolz.

This is something the elder one even realised without my need to point it out. It is obvious that there is no need for the salt to be rubbed in further for a young teenager. PERHAPS in a few years time when she's much more older.

I knew it, that Kimmy would say it out today even before I arrived for our dim sum lunch at Swiss Garden Hotel today
"Today is the FIRST time I have seen you out of your baggy denim jeans....out of the many times we have seen you, it was always with those denim jeans",

and Michelle quipped...."oh, and those white tops as well!".

Hehe. (WELL, those JEANS ARE COMFY!!!)

Today is the last day of their time in Malaysia for a long long time to come...
My other cousins had already gone back to Seattle and L.A.

I brought the girls to Bukit Jalil Park. Actually, we went down to IOI Mall before this, and on our way back, decided to hop over tothe Bukit Jalil Park.

They loved running through the park, being their first time the past 13 years since they have been to Malaysia. I was wearing heels, so there was NO WAY I was going to run anywhere anytime then!

Ethan MIchelle Christmas
Michelle & Ethan (american nephew)at my house on christmas.

ethan michelle Times Square
Michelle& Ethan making faces at Times Square. All the cousins were there at the same time.

kimmy violin
Kimmy (Grade 4 violinist performing for us during Christmas!)


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What Are You?


What Are You?

Jan 3rd, 1:46am:

Do you only look for me when you have something in need,

or is that JUST what I am to you?

WHAT AM I really to you?

Did you mean what you say, when you were being truely nice to me all those times, or was that all for a show?

I have feelings too you know.

I have needs and desires as well.

BUT I am not blind.

Just because I did not mention it openly to you, it did not mean that I do not see what you are doing.

Is that truely WHAT YOU ARE?

Or are you going to tell me again what you have always told me, "That it was all a mistake"?

Or should I be mistaken in what I say here?

I don't know.

You tell me. Is that really what you are?

Jan 4th: 23:17hours.

I am in a pissy mood. I am going to put this entry back to the top.

If you are wondering, I am not bi, nor am I les. I am hetereosexual.

I am still pissed off.

I don't even know why you asked what it is you could have done that could have annoyed me (and without knowing why).

Do I seem like that kind of person who take things for a jest?
What answer would you expect me to give?

That I do not care about the things that happens?
That a bit of appreciation would be appreciated?
That words are just merely words, and nothing but words?

I had been honest in what I said, but the more I did, the less you were. And the more vague the answer that was given me.

You tell me what should I do, as you are doing now.

I really do not know.
My I.T sojourn at Low Yat Plaza.


My I.T sojourn at Low Yat Plaza.

I am going to write this out, coz I don't want to repeat the same information to everyone as I did to Ai Ling over the phone the other day. You can READ it here yourself.

Initially I wanted to get the Logitech webcam from Jess (as I told AiLing earlier), but on Sunday (which is New Year's Day), when I was out looking for some electronic gadgets at Low Yat, I decided to look for four things at once.

1) Laptop (to take to Australia).
2) WebCam. (for the heck of it).
3) Digital Camera (to replace the one I lost thanks to.....some stupid incident where only PG was witness to. It really was a *stupid* incident. Don't you think so, Mr.Smart Ass?)
4) A microphone. (the one that i bought just broke like that!) *damn it!*

Anyway, I wasn't sure whether I'd inherit the laptop my dad has, or whether I'd get a new one, so anyway, I took the flyers. (just in case. or to survey the prices, that is).

Webcam: The one that Jess has is a Logitech Webcam Chat that she bought for RM99. The IT hypermarket we went to was retailing it for RM85, about RM14 less! *woah*.
I asked the salesperson to recommend us the best webcam, and he suggested the VGear Webcam, that came at the price of RM90, equipped with an in-built microphone system as well as surveillance system software.

Yes, a surveillance system, that allows it to be activated when an intruder./motion is detected by the camera, it can automatically record the video action and send it to a specific ip address, or it can be kept in the computer for later reviewing purposes. *CooL huh?*

I told the fella if it breaks down, I am going to go back to the store, look for *HIM*, and get a replacement.

He nodded his head.

Digital camera: The Nikon one that Jess has is pretty adept, aside from the lack of backlight. The shutter speed is comparable (better than my previous one for that matter!). I thought it was worth a look. So I had my eye out for the Nikon range of cameras.

From what I could see, the stores selling at Endah Parade had a better package deal? I haven't decided what to get at this point of time, but I am still on the look out for a better package (minus a tripod, minus a bloody useless VIP card which I could not care less about). Of which, it could the Casio Exilim, or a Nikon. Of course, the Canon one is worth a look as well, but I haven't had time to think about that.

OH, OH......the SD cards are selling at a steal now....SD256MB is retaiiling for abt RM70++. SD500MB for RM150+ and 1 GB for RM250 or less!!

Woah..Such a price drop compared to the time Vince got me my Kingston SD card. Darn bloody pricey then!!

Microphone: I saw this stereo microphone (you know, the rectangular prism geometric shaped mics they have for the cassette recorder?) Anyway, I saw one retailing in the IT store for about RM90!!!

*Madness!* *F*****K!!!*

Then I remembered that I had exactly a similar one at home which I had never thought of using??
Then I realised, why am I getting a microphone for RM20++ when I alraeady have something better than that at home, right?

So off I went to the counter, and used my Maybank Card to pay + the extra 2percent commision that is levied for credit card used *blah blah blah*

Anyway, the moment I got home, I installed the webcam. Always install the driver before letting it detect the hardware, so the manual says.

I did exactly that.

I managed to rummage through the drawers, and to my luck, I found it exactly where I thought it would be. Nonetheless, to my surprise, it turns out the microphone is much much powerful than the stereo microphone I have. So powerful that there was static when I used it on Gtalk, that I had to switch to using the microphone.There I was, the entire night, fiddling with the audio controls, just wondering how to deactivate the use of the microphone.

Jack said he could hear static on gtalk when he was talking online to me. So did Gordon.


Well, i did fix it. After about two hours.....*lolz*.

Initially I thought it was a problem with the in-built mic being used for Gtalk and the video from MSN separately. (which I normally use in that fashion). But it was not.
After experimenting with both, I realised that the inbuilt mic was too loud, and had to use the stereo mic (which is not as powerful as the webcam)> Well, it should be. Its a 15 year old Panasonic stereo mic!!! (my dad bought it when I was still in primary school!!) *lolz*

So, this evening, I transferred the webcam to the desktop in the hall outside. Well . Well...guess what I found out??

In the event of fixing the webcam and tuning both the audio and webcam system, I fixed something in the process that my network engineering systems major of a cousin could not. Something that he did not care to check. It turns out that there was nothing wrong with the audio system in the desktop of this while.

It is and was working perfectly fine........except for error that was overlooked and noone ever thought of looking at. To my joyous delight. And to think, all of us thought there was a problem with the sound card these past two years.......*RiGhT*..

Kingsley, you have some explaining to do!!!!!

Anyway, my dad is going to get me a new laptop!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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Welcome to 2006!!


Welcome to 2006!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I spent New Year's Eve at a WatchNight service. Some would describe it as a meaningful manner in which to end the year in praising God for His providence through out the year....

Among the things I praise God for this year is:

1) Finally getting the new Proton car, admist the host of problems it contained. ( I do not know why they were put there, but perhaps it was there for a reason?)

2) Getting through my assignments without failing any! *touch wood!!*

3) His Protection upon me where ever I had gone to, and especially when I drive and of more paramount importance as I have kids with me.

4) His Providence:

-of a group of friends whom I have met, has helped me in my spiritual growth, although I may have regressed from from time to time.

-of Wisdom whenever I had requested for it.

5) The many times He has given me glimpses of comfort of His wonderful peace, where I hold on to the verse "those who mourn shall be comforted" (from the promises of the Be-Attitudes).

6) His many reminders to me that I WILL and ALWAYS WILL BE His Child no matter how much my self esteem has suffered, or the many times I had strayed away from the fold.
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Cam-whoring through the months.....2005


Cam-whoring through the months.....2005

Bringing you pictures from Jess's Nikon (not sure which one though...)

The pictures have not been retouched except to be resized and layered over.

These pictures are taken through out the year, but I have not included them here coz my Kodak is a useless good for nothing brat and is pretty shitty.

In April.....
petroscience copy
me & David learning to use the phone...

Sophia & I on the com with the kids from the orphanage...

In November...

My darling and love of my life, Madeline. :-)

The Beautiful Bride, Josephine, now Mrs. Leong....*hehe*

In December.....

For Jess birthday:

Francis scaring me with one of his scary jokes *didn't you just see my ears pop??*

The beautiful brides of May......oppss...I mean brides of Jess....

Christmas At The Beach:....

The day when my beautiful loverly darling camera was gone forever.....

At sunset, the beach looks like a scene out of a movie....

beautiful sea waters....

little hermit crab....

Charlie's Angels....*hahaha*
Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.

Romans 12:19-21

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” 20 To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


I have done exactly that. As much as I would LIKE everyone to read the past two entries where I have just written yesterday, which is my very nature to do so, I took down the entries. Not so much because I was coerced into it, but because I did not want to do what my friend did.

Which is to sink as low as her(when she publicly embarrased me) and he (when he thinks he can do what he likes) .

Please do not say that I am weak because I took it out. Indeed I was in a pissed off mood when I wrote it. But vengeance is not mine to re-pay.

I just want to do what is right.

[hehe. But if anybody is nosy enough to want to know what I wrote, you'd have to write me in order to be able to read it.]
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