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Jemima J: An inspiration.

If you have noticed properly, the ID icon seems not to be functioning. This seems to be the same with the ones by the same server in other blogs (on XiaXue's as well), so I can't really check my site stats except for the one in blue by StatCounter. *Oh well*.

Well, shut up. I have a right to be depressed as well. I am only human.
I sent an SOS to Maddie and Jess. Hmmm. I wonder what is going on?

Anyway, yesterday, (this morning to be exact), I finished reading Jane Green's Jemima J.
I like British writings. American movies are good, but the British books are ones I best like.

Anyway. The American writings pretty much suck (the ones that I have read so far anyway).

I loved the Shopaholic series, Harry Potter series, and of course, those by Jane Austen. Heheh.
I say that, as there are many American books I have read, (with nice packaging and all), but I just couldn't get along with the way it is written (the modern ones, so far anyway)....

I find Jemima J to be, pretty inspirational. Although I don't agree with some of the things she did, nonetheless, she makes me feel inspired to change. For the better. Like a Queen.

It would be great if the book could be turned into a movie. But the American characters in the book are not portrayed in such a good light, so it may not be taken too well with the Americans. Anyway, it may give Bridget Jones a run for its money.

(but I doubt the Americans would like it as much, lest an American plays it (as usual, of course)? LoLz).

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