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Harry Potter.

Dec 7th:
A friend of mine was telling me today that after hearing my reviews of Harry Potter, they didn't want to watch it. Instead, they are waiting for Narnia instead.....*wooooh*

That's the power of.....COMPLAINTS?

I paid my revenge against the director of Harry Potter....LESS SALE of Tickets for YOU! *Hah!*

Nov 29th:
Was chatting online earlier, and I just found out that an old friend, Chen is getting engaged?

*Woah*. I am begining to fell OLD all of a sudden liao.....

Anyway, had dim sum on Sunday for lunch. Courtesy of Kishore...oh well, he spent me that for my birthday ler. Hehe. It's his first at trying out Dim Sum. He couldn't handle the chopsticks, but I said he could use his fingers!

We were trying to decide if to watch Harry Potter, and yes, we DID (Like Finally!!)


HOW COULD the Director delete practically half the book from it?? I am SO ANNOYED.

I was so waiting (for 4 years!!) to see how Hermione would turn out like, but the bloody director practically cut up half the related the scenes, the Yule Ball just had no meaning to it!! *DAMN*
I don't want to talk about it, but I think the director could have at least be a bit more sensitive...*SIGH*.

Insensitive Director!!


the pig said...

cmon la, the director can't possibly squeeze the entire book into a movie....
it best to use ur brain to play the movie directed by urself....

louyau-mike said...

That is why i never watch the movie ... I do hope Chronicles of Narnia wont be like the same ... Oh well ... guess they have seven movies to make from that ... another epic

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