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A Fruitful Wednesday.

Nopz. I didn't manage to spend any time reading my texts and stuff...*heh*

Well, I had a long and fruitful day today. I spent about an hour and more preparing the Practical LIfe & Sensorial hand outs for the teachers last night. It helped coz there would have been a lot of things I would have missed out if I didn't. Anyway, it gave me a framework to work on, albeit a condensed one though.

I spent about 2 hours plus (9-11am) just elaborating some of the principles behind the Montessori concepts to the teachers. *hmm*. Not much time anyway, considering I took a year's worth of time just to learn up the whole diploma course!!

After that we took an hour to clear up the school for our orientation day tomorrow. Yup, the little kiddies are coming in tomorrow!! :-)

Anyway, ZH came to pick me up for lunch. We both ordered kway teow for lunch. ZH said the kway teow was *yummy!!* :-)

I had my FINAL organ class at 2pm. FINAL!!!

After which, ZH wanted to watch Ru Guo Ai, but it turns out the next screening was at 7pm at The Mines, so we decided not to. In the end, we ended up going back to ZH's place to play Quartet and Classical Snap card games.
Really interesting games, coz we are supposed to read the details on the card and memorize all these information about the musicians and the name of the composers, and if we can remember the composer's name, our turn would be forfeited.

Anyway, after which we picked Kimmy up for dinner at Kuchai's and she had chicken rice! (Accordingly, according to what I hear, was among her favourite!). ZH dropped me off at my car, and Kimmy & I went shopping at Sentral. Her mom had texted her to go home early, but in the end we could not go to the night market as it started to pour.

Uncle Khoo asked Kimmy what she had for dinner, and she said chicken rice.
Ethan quipped that she liked to eat it a lot! I asked him how he knew, and he said " I over hear things".

*Ahhh* I see, nodding with understanding & enlightenment.....

Kimmy and her mom had gone shopping at Megamall to get this MP4 stuff.

Everyone was rummaging through old photographs. Kimmy found this autograph book and was going through it when she found an old love letter from Ronnie to Winnie....

Kimmy started reading those, and Ethan joined in and they started roaring in laughter.......I was actually taking a nap there, but when she started reading it, I couldn't stop laughing either, coz it sounded JUST SO FUNNNY!!

excerpts of the letter......

"Do you know it feels to be in love? It just feels so great to be in love and how I am in love with you...*blah blah blah*. Am coming back on Saturday, but I want to see you....*blah blah blah*..
It feels so great to be just in you know how it just feels to be so in love with you
*to which an exasperated Kimmy said, didn't he already just said that he IS In LOVE??* Wahahahahah*....

*Ha ha ha ha* to which I laughed too coz they kept laughing and had been laughing and laughing and laughing, and I said, I know that I know for sure my dad had written plenty of those to my mom, and I had found them when I was very young as well..... Winnie decided to take it back and put on her hubby's pillow for her husband to read (so he can puke later at what he wrote in his younger days....!!! ) Hahahahhaah

Do people actually still write love letters these days? Hmmmm.....I think that they actually do....Ha haha. I have received some myself too. Somewhere in my room...too lazy to look...

Then they started making fun of this young man on a skateboard (on a photo album dated 1985), to which Kimmy said "this is Dee's future husband, he must be almost 50 years old now coz the photo album is made in before 1987 and must be very old and wrinkly"

and Ethan and Kimmy started cracking some jokes about my future husband's name and started laughing all over again to every of my cousins who came into the roommmmm...

* I just slept under the pillow and pretended I didn't hear any of that....and started to SNORE*

Before they left anyway, I had a conversation with Winnie about the education system in NZ. It was most enlightening.....

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