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Boxing Day at Cosmo's World Theme Park.

Just came back from Times Square. Took my nieces, Kimmy and Michelle to the Cosmo's World Theme Park. My cousin, Kim also came along with Ethan and Vincent. Kimmy & Michelle's parents came, but they left halfway for the kids to join us.

Kim went back with Vincent coz he was tired, but Ethan joined us for the rides. Vincent's 5, Ethan's only 7, Kimmy 12, and Michelle 10.

I have been hearing them speak in their kiwi accent the entire afternoon, and at least till Jan 6th, when they leave the country. Haha, Ethan is American, but he has a strong grasp of the Mandarin language, whereas Kimmy & Michelle only conversational cantonese.

They're going to get their photo studios taken tomorrow at this photo studio near Kuchai. Pretty shoddy work, in my opinion anyway. (i meant the studio).

Ai Ling & Yi Ling were at the arcade playing some Para-Para Sakura dance machine. They gave me their christmas prezzies. Ok, I had no time to go shopping the past one week, so I only managed to get it today.

Also, the other thing I realised is that Christmas is getting commerciallised. But there really is not much we can do about it....when people give us gifts, we feel that it is proper to recipocrate....*sigh*...

A bad time for the chinese (in their mid 20s) when all their friends are getting married in the month of Nov & Dec, and every one is going broke coz of that, not to mention Christmas on top of it!! *hmmmmm*

Well, just remember to money next year (at least for the next 5 years) coz almost everyone will be getting married, and to get christmas gifts on top of it.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from Connexions got her handbag ripped. And on Christmas Day itself. Well, obviously she was feeling sad. Jess, who was supposed to come over to my house, had to keep her company. They had gone to the police station to report the loss.

(now, someone else actually knows how it feels to have your camera lost?).

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