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Storms in my heart.

Many women (in the marriageable age range of 26 onwards above) would say, this man meets at least 60/70% of the criterias that they are looking for in a man.
Because of this, they think that they should *catch* him, and not let this particular *fish* go....but unfortunately, not of the same faith.....(and some, not going after them)...

But I say, so what if he does meet those criterias? If he is not going after you, what difference does it make?

But they say, but I like him, and I know he likes me too!

I say, he may meet 60/70 % of the criterias. SO WHAT?

What about your principles? Your faith?

To the woman who contemplates giving up her faith for a man.....
I ask, is it worth giving God up for one mere man?

Perhaps he may drive a brand new sporty car, (or may not!), has a stable job, (maybe a doctor/ engineer/ towkay) and owns a house, and gets along fabulously with you, and has looks that could drip chocolate from you..... and then I ask God, *but don't you want me to find a man who could provide me all this*?

And then He asks me in return, DON'T you TRUST me to provide for you?

There are times when I do wonder if God really exists, or if He could be a figment of my imagination...
But then, sometimes when I see how frail Man is, with that one swip of His hand, or in the blink of an eye, that man that made you give your faith up for God can be taken just as easily away from you.

Yet, my love for God prevents me from taking that one perilous step forward. Sometimes I feel that if one can't keep hold of one's principles, what makes us think that the man will respect us any more if we gave them up?....

The storm comes and the storm goes. It is but just temporary. But the Word of God, will remain as it is. Whoever who clings on to the Word of God in the times of storm, will survive.

I hope that one day *YOU* will find the Living Word and cling on to it as I have.

Walk on the water, like Peter, I have been called to. I walk across it coz I heard Him calling me to.
He says He will be with me when I go to Australia. Or where ever I go. Yet I am afraid. I am very afraid coz turbulent storms are blowing in the midst. I am scared of what I see. But walk on, He keeps calling me and not to fear the storms...Not to fear the storms which is in my heart...

Walk on He calls me to.....He will be there by my side...

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