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Pix from KY's blog meet!

Peter finally uploaded the pictures on his blog....
Ok. Time to do my part, since my holidays are here and I have more time!

Yup, the entire gang there! Albert, Suanie, Andreas, Emily, Peter. (cant remember the rest!)

The girls: Suanie, Emily, Cyber-Red, FireAngel

Ky's infamous pond!

THe man, KY himself!

The guys.....

This is *proof* that I was at The Pond!!

7th November:
I went for the mini-blogger meet up at KYspeaks...

Almost got lost on the way, but apparently, it is at the simplest place..(and I didn't realise it!!)
This is the first time I have ever seen the much talked about FireAngel and Suanie in real life. Oh yeah, and there was Serge aka Dustyhawk, Emily, Albert, Peter and Wuan, Andreas, (ones that I have met previously).

I tried dragging Jess, Jacqueline and Maddie, but they had plans...oh well *but at least I know who to keep in mind in future* :-)

Ok, actually I am too lazy to write or upload pictures now.... Just not in a good mood *meaning that I am in a bad mood* to really interact or write much these past few days.

*KY, sorry that I didn't really talk that much during the meeting... Just been keeping to myself mostly at this point of time. It's not good, but whatever.

Nah, I am not shy this round, Peter. Just *emotional state, that's all* :-P

Yeah, and my camera is much better this time round!!! *woo hooo!!*

But yeah, if you want pictures, go to either KYSpeaks or Cyber-Red's blogs. I will update more links to it later.


KY said...

hey, thanks for coming. :)

Peter said...

And I thought I was the last to blog about the meet. Nice photos.

KY said...

haha, it was fun tho. whose house next? :D

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