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Things we can learn from a dog.

Nov 24:
I tried the same trick today with him. Haha...not syiok lar!!

Coz I already knew what to expect...*oh well* Hehe.

Nov 23:
Ironically, it was Jacq who pointed it out to me.....

I picked up Jacq on my way home, and the dog ran out as soon as the gate opened.
I decided to walk the dog, and Jacq followed me. So we walked to the street behind mine. My dog got acquainted with the household dogs in that street (practically every house had one dog residing, so it is quite noisy if strangers walk past!).

The dog did follow us up as we walked up the lane, but he didn't come when called. That was driving me a bit agitated, so I called him, but he refused to follow.

So, we left. Surprisingly, the dog followed. Then we wanted to walk home, and I called the dog. I could not chase after the dog, as I was in heels!

Jacq pointed out that the dog didn't come when called, but only came when we left. She was so sure that he was going to chase after us once we left. I felt a bit apprehensive about her advice, but I left and walked back to my house.

TRUE ENOUGH, the dog ran back in with its tail wagging behind him in less than half a minute after I arrived back!

VICKI, you cheeky dog!!

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