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Photoblog: Birthday pictures!!! (2005)

Sunday 21 Nov:
Went to Chilli's for dinner with Ai Ling. Finally managed to drag her away from Sushi King...hehe.

Got pretty high on the Apple juice I had. It was definitely cheaper than eating at Sushi King for sure!!

At Chili's with Ai Ling.
Monday 22nd Nov:
Went to Secret Recipe for a small gathering with some high school and CG friends!!

yup.....*rollng my eyes* with my homies!!

Opening prezzie time!!

Tuesday: Took a break and stayed home like a good girlie! ;-)

Zen's birthday cake to me!
Wednesday 23rd Nov:+:
Had dinner at Victoria Station with PG. (He wanted to opt for Chili's!, but as Ai Ling predicted, we made too much noise there the other day, and would have barred us from entering!!)

At Victoria Station!!
Finally pictures from a recent romp to Zouk. Check it out at Laynie's! Enjoy!
Nov 23:
Well, in an hour's time from now anyway!!
Loads of pictures and stuff from the past three days outings and dinners, but will only post after Saturday.

Will be really busy with assignments and stuff Thursday up till Saturday night, so don't expect me to to do much blogging coz the photos take forever to load and all that.

Anyway, just got the greatest news through email!!!

Catch u people later!


Laynie said...

Rolling eye picture!!! BEST...

the pig said...

girl.... u must learn to smile in every shots neh.....
nothing is stuck in btween ur teeth....

and cut tht cyan eye shadow...... eeeuwww.....

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