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2 down, 1 more to go....

Seriously, I have no idea how guys think.

I just have no idea how they think, and I don't want to ponder so much on that.

Number One:
"He sure thinks too highly of himself", notes a friend. Well, he kept asking me out for a date....(although we do meet up a lot, that's not a date.. thank you very much). Then, he went back to his varsity, and got back with his off and on gf, and failed in the process.

I feel more *sympathetic* for that girl, for having such a fickle-minded fella.

Nevermind the fact that he IS WAY younger than me as well too....Well, Mr. Wise Guy, I have a right to my own life, and the way I want to meet people or how I go about it.

I am not going to suck up to you or placate your ego in the process just because.
So it's the pot calling the kettle black, huh? Let's make it EVEN then.

Number Two:
Right. This one even more persistent than the other.
Never mind that we have absolutely nothing in common.
Never mind that he keeps asking me to go with him ALONE to his vacant house in the middle of the night. *Hello??*
However, leaving a box of "condoms" in his car "in full plain view" (is he trying to tell people that he has an "active life"?) and then asking if he has a chance.....
Oh Lord. Please Save Me from such guys in future. Thank You Very Much.

I can just imagine THAT on his mind. *right*.

Number Three: [Please wait for this space......]

Anyway, Zen, a real pretty chick friend of mine drapped in a white collar blouse and figure hugging jeans and moussed spiky hair just dropped two boxes of cakes at my home for the function later! Hehe. Perhaps we'll see her later...(sorry guys, she's already taken!).

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the pig said...

"Oh Lord. Please Save Me from such guys in future. Thank You Very Much"

u hv a pair of eyes who can spot such a guy easily....

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