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Pictures from meetup!

Recently, I met up with some friends at Midvalley.

The pictures are taken with KMT's (or Jojo) PDA cum HP cum camera...

My scarf....a Christmas gift from KMT.

That's me!

my handbag, from my Kiwi nieces!! *So sweet!*

I love the dress...So translucent!!


Elaine said...

Oooooh. I love the handbag.

cheayee said...

*cute eh*?


James said...

My God! You look gorgeous (and im not exaggerating) in that dress!

And did anyone tell you, you have deep captivating eyes? Leil Lowndes called it 'sexy bedroom eyes" if i remember it correctly...Let me go back home & double check....

take care!

Regards, JAMES

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