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Journal: Early one Saturday...

I woke up so early this morning and got to college at 10am. Ok, seriously, I thought I was late. When I checked in my book, it was only then I realised that the class had been postponed. Hehe. What did I do? I went to the computer lab and started blogging. LOL. What? Well, hello, it took me almost an hour just to write this entry, k!

I am beginining to find the "email to blogger" function extremely useful indeed...I can just type an email to any of my blogs without logging in to Blogger, as it can be quite a hassle to open the sites, when all I need is the email address, minus the hassles.

I waited almost 2 1/2 hours just to get my name cards printed. (about 4 boxes: 400 cards) at the print shop, coz there were so many people coming in and out!

Also bought a thumb drive/pen drive (128mb) for about RM50. Which I think is quite cheap, since the shop next to it was retailing the same thing for about RM70+. Since I didn't have to haggle, (the shopkeeper didn't even know she was underselling the pen drive), and I didn't bother to tell her. Heh. I also bought a mouse (with scrolling functions).

Oh, I also bought a new bag. My classmates were complaining I look like an OLD lady. *A new blue bag with Mickey's logo on it* (That should make me look 10 years younger?) *Lolz*

Reached home about 7.30pm. Slept for half an hour. Woke up at 8.10 and drove off to Sri Petaling for dinner with the Connections CG. Halfway, PG returned a call I made. He mentioned that he had a football on tonight.

Anyways, had really nice porridge steamboat tonight with people from CG. Remember the shop I went to a few months back? Yup. that same shop. Then we went for dessert at the Red Ants nearby. Yummy.

David had brought his laptop and showed us his wedding photos. Yeah, I got an invitation to go, but I cant make it, coz I have to work! Sorry, Siew Ling!

Some good news: I passed my Assignment 1 (Cross Cultural). Hooray!! I shouldn't complain too much.....*since the lecturer mostly had positive comments in the feedback*.
I spoke to Melanie as well. The meeting went marvellously well, although it was a serious discussion no less.

Some not so good news: There is that thing with my classmate. Perhaps we need some time to cool off before we get this issue settled. Maybe it just isn't the right time to tackle it now. My classmates are the one who are making a fuss now. They just cant stand 2 of their classmates not talking to each other!

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Anonymous said...

Ought to try the Porridge Steamoboat in Subang Jaya.. Very good taste, very good price. Only RM 12 per head. Its call Ocean Pulau Ketam in SS 15/4C. Their porridge is also better than Sri Petaling one....


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