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Do you think I don't care?

I went out with a friend recently. The entire night I was out with her, she was occupied with texting her cell.
I didn't say anything. What is there to say?

I understood where she is coming from. Or most of it. I thought, her a strong Christian, would not have the problem. That it would not affect her.
But it did. Badly. In tears.
My heart bled.

I thought that when we went out, she would be the stable one. The Rock.
It turns out not so. I turned out a Rock then.
Yes, I do care.

Do you think I don't care what has happened between us?
My emotions are not something I can just sweep off under the carpet. Yes. I care about what has happened. But I can't tell you that, can I?

The Lord is her shepherd. Eventhough she walks through the valley of shadow and darkness, may she find comfort & protection in Jesus' Strength, Blood & Righteousness. May her tears be comforted. Amen.

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