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Chinese Wedding dinner experience at Low Yat Plaza.

Before that, I am announcing that I am going to watch Guy Sebastian in action tomorrow!!


Actually, I don't really know who is that, but I am just following my friends go coz they have tickets to it.


Anyway, just came back from a wedding dinner. Well, I was expecting something grand....but sometimes that doesn't happen eh?

This is partly coz I came from another wedding dinner not too long ago, and I can't help making comparisons. My cousin sister got married about a month back at Bangsar Seafood place, and there is a marked difference.

Ok, the one that I went to is at Low Yat Plaza, 3rd Place.

When people say that the dining experience can actually add or retract to the event, I guess this is really what is meant by that.

Things I observed that wasn't my cup of tea about the place:

1) The toilets: 2 cubicles to cater to about 60 tables? Hello, even in kindergartens, there is one toilet to cater to each class, or at least 60 children!!

2) The place was cramped, and there was no place to move around at all.

3) The presentation of the food? Barely passed. The crispy pig wasn't even crispy. It was so oily you could see the oil on the crispy pig. A lot of people at my table didn't finish the food. Not so much because they were not hungry, but the way the food was presented was just there only!

4) The stage was too near the tables. The bride and bridegroom could barely walk through during the procession.

5) The menu was just that one piece of paper.....Doesn't anyone actually consider the dinner menu is also part of the experience? *It just looks SO*

6) There were no napkins for my lap. Hello, at least give the guests a nice dining experience.
Some of us have to dry-clean our attire and don't want to dirty the clothes...How to give a good experience to your guests lar??

Well, at least when I get married, I would be aware for what to look into so that MY own wedding would be a grand experience!!

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