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Castle of Dreams.

Tell me which poem you like better?

Doodling castles in the air.
But the wind blows.
Bloweth it away!

Running after it,
I try.
I try to catch hold of it.
But its too far,
Its gone too far away!

I cry.
I cry very hard.
Daddy tells me if its mine,
I'll get it.

Is it?

I wonder if it'd ever get built?
My castle.
Castle of dreams.

Would it get built?
Made of gold or silver or of gems?
Or is it ruby or of diamonds?

One day.
Brick by brick.
Stone by stone.
One fine day I shall have it.

My castle.
My very own castle.
My castle of dreams.

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Ah Pek said...

i like this one.

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