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Academic Crisis!

[update: 13th Oct]:
I e-mailed O'Neill & told her what happened.
I dunno if she was sarcastic or not......but it was mostly dry??

Y' know, NH & I are not the only students in uni she has to look into......
But, I think even O'Neill thought NH was over-reacting.

* Chea Yee starts laughing till her sides ache and rolls onto the floor!*.

[update: 6th Oct]:
Still no news yet from either party.

[5th Oct]:
Yes. On red alert.

To think this could happen! Very shitty.
What which was a minor misunderstanding has escalated into huge name-calling with this spiteful turn of events.

What which was a stupid misunderstanding has snowballed into something which should not have even happened!

What which was not essentially an academic misdeameanor has evolved into some academic misdeameanor.

I would have thought a person aged 40+ would be more mature. We aren't mind readers, you know?
It has escalated to such great heights that the uni has had to call the college and they in turn have to contact me before I could finally get wind of what was happening.

*Hello*?? *are you missing something there??*

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