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Chinese Wedding dinner experience at Low Yat Plaza.


Chinese Wedding dinner experience at Low Yat Plaza.

Before that, I am announcing that I am going to watch Guy Sebastian in action tomorrow!!


Actually, I don't really know who is that, but I am just following my friends go coz they have tickets to it.


Anyway, just came back from a wedding dinner. Well, I was expecting something grand....but sometimes that doesn't happen eh?

This is partly coz I came from another wedding dinner not too long ago, and I can't help making comparisons. My cousin sister got married about a month back at Bangsar Seafood place, and there is a marked difference.

Ok, the one that I went to is at Low Yat Plaza, 3rd Place.

When people say that the dining experience can actually add or retract to the event, I guess this is really what is meant by that.

Things I observed that wasn't my cup of tea about the place:

1) The toilets: 2 cubicles to cater to about 60 tables? Hello, even in kindergartens, there is one toilet to cater to each class, or at least 60 children!!

2) The place was cramped, and there was no place to move around at all.

3) The presentation of the food? Barely passed. The crispy pig wasn't even crispy. It was so oily you could see the oil on the crispy pig. A lot of people at my table didn't finish the food. Not so much because they were not hungry, but the way the food was presented was just there only!

4) The stage was too near the tables. The bride and bridegroom could barely walk through during the procession.

5) The menu was just that one piece of paper.....Doesn't anyone actually consider the dinner menu is also part of the experience? *It just looks SO*

6) There were no napkins for my lap. Hello, at least give the guests a nice dining experience.
Some of us have to dry-clean our attire and don't want to dirty the clothes...How to give a good experience to your guests lar??

Well, at least when I get married, I would be aware for what to look into so that MY own wedding would be a grand experience!!
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Who holds the rights?


Who holds the rights?

Today, I was in class and as the class came to an end, this was something that I reflected upon.

Not too long ago, I was asked this question during a blogger meet-up.

"Since I contribute articles to this particular editorial, do I reserve the right to use back what I wrote elsewhere?"

The question here arises, as the company that I had contributed to had not made me sign any kind of contract stating that they hold the rights to it. So, what is what now?

The advice given was by my classmates was, I should contact that editor of that particular editorial and get it down in black and white.

This happens as, one of my classmates had made a powerpoint presentation, (she presented it in class), and we wanted to make a copy of it. However, she told us that it was not possible, with the reason that she had already "sold the rights" away to this company who used it on their websites. She told us that if we wanted to see her work, she would give us the link to it when it was up, and we could make references to it (or something like that).

So, technically, by letting us make photocopies of the presentation, it would be violating the company's rights to it. (or something like that).

Plagiarism, or copying of work is a very serious issue in academic work. What more in the blogosphere....

However, Malaysians, and a lot of Asians, have yet to catch the drift of that yet...... Intellectual property is still something that most of us are not too familiar with yet...

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Pictures from meetup!


Pictures from meetup!

Recently, I met up with some friends at Midvalley.

The pictures are taken with KMT's (or Jojo) PDA cum HP cum camera...

My scarf....a Christmas gift from KMT.

That's me!

my handbag, from my Kiwi nieces!! *So sweet!*

I love the dress...So translucent!!
Kim Jae Won.


Kim Jae Won.

The irresistable Kim Jae Won....

Picture taken from
Passing of a First Lady.

Passing of a First Lady.

This morning, my colleague forwarded the news that our First Lady, Datin Sri Endon Mahmood, wife of current Prime Minister has passed away at 7.55 a.m.
God bless her soul.
Well, she will be buried at muslim grounds at Precinct 20, Putrajaya.
Hmmm....actually, some say that (rumours circulating) that she, the PM and even Mahathir had converted to other faiths (on the quiet, that is)... namely Christianity, especially during the breast cancer trial...... but that is another story leh.
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A complaint against a petrol kiosk.


A complaint against a petrol kiosk.

How many of you collect points when you pump petrol?

Well, today I have a grouse against a particular petrol station at Old Klang Road.

You know how sometimes people say they are willing to help their customers, well, this one happens to be fake courtesy.

In another petrol station, which I have high praises for, located near Kuchai Lama, the person who maintains it had gladly credited in the points for me when I had forgotten to insert my card to collect the points. He said it was possible, but the points would be deducted if I didn't pump in the petrol after 5 minutes. So, I was fine with that.

However, on 12th Oct, (the day when I went for my shooting at the preschool), I went to fill up the tank at the petrol kiosk. Who would know that the machine would not register in the card when I inserted it in. Well, after I had filled the tank, I went into the store, and asked them to credit the points in as well.
Not only that, I brought in the receipt that was printed out of the machine and showed it to them.

Well, they did credit in the points. But *grudgingly*.

Well, today, when I went to get my car filled up, and apparently at another near my place, the machine didn't print out the receipt. So I had to go into the store to get my receipt. When I got my receipt, I went back straight to the car. But before I put my receipt away, I looked at the amount of points I accumulated. Which strangely, was not equal to the amount of points I had credited into my previous fill up.

So, I looked through the previous receipt, and surely as I had thought, it was not the same. So I took that receipt, and went back into the store and asked the owner is it possible that people could have *stolen* my points away??

After I told her the story, then she told me it was possible that the previous petrol kiosk could have just deducted my points after I had left. What they could not have thought I would do was that I was one of the few who would actually KEEP the receipt for reference. (and yes, I have to keep receipts for referencing of my petrol mileage of my new car.).She even showed me how it was done!

I said to her, "it isn't possible that anyone would want to steal 50 points away. Coz it was only worth 50cents, and I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, right?"

So, she gave me this form to fill in manually (especially if there are points that cant be credited due to machine malfunction). I understand that there may be people who may lie about such things, but the fact is, I was not one of those. I had brought my receipt in (as the proof), and these admin girls (who so called, had offered to credit it in) so that I would not make a scene, made a pretense of helping, but decided to take it out.

Truly, I was really incensed about the whole thing.
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Billions of blistering barnacles!

Some weirdo online just asked me if I wanted a One-Night-Stand??

Do you want me to publish his email? *So We can terrorize him!!*

Who does he think he is??

The Ring over written.

The Ring over written.

Remember the covenant I made?

It is time to move on.

The ring shall be on my chain where it is now, but hardly visible.

My finger feels almost weightless without it.

I feel weak.

For He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9.

May His Strength be upon me, whereforth I shall not trust my own any longer. *Amen!*

my left ringless finger...

Journal: Early one Saturday...


Journal: Early one Saturday...

I woke up so early this morning and got to college at 10am. Ok, seriously, I thought I was late. When I checked in my book, it was only then I realised that the class had been postponed. Hehe. What did I do? I went to the computer lab and started blogging. LOL. What? Well, hello, it took me almost an hour just to write this entry, k!

I am beginining to find the "email to blogger" function extremely useful indeed...I can just type an email to any of my blogs without logging in to Blogger, as it can be quite a hassle to open the sites, when all I need is the email address, minus the hassles.

I waited almost 2 1/2 hours just to get my name cards printed. (about 4 boxes: 400 cards) at the print shop, coz there were so many people coming in and out!

Also bought a thumb drive/pen drive (128mb) for about RM50. Which I think is quite cheap, since the shop next to it was retailing the same thing for about RM70+. Since I didn't have to haggle, (the shopkeeper didn't even know she was underselling the pen drive), and I didn't bother to tell her. Heh. I also bought a mouse (with scrolling functions).

Oh, I also bought a new bag. My classmates were complaining I look like an OLD lady. *A new blue bag with Mickey's logo on it* (That should make me look 10 years younger?) *Lolz*

Reached home about 7.30pm. Slept for half an hour. Woke up at 8.10 and drove off to Sri Petaling for dinner with the Connections CG. Halfway, PG returned a call I made. He mentioned that he had a football on tonight.

Anyways, had really nice porridge steamboat tonight with people from CG. Remember the shop I went to a few months back? Yup. that same shop. Then we went for dessert at the Red Ants nearby. Yummy.

David had brought his laptop and showed us his wedding photos. Yeah, I got an invitation to go, but I cant make it, coz I have to work! Sorry, Siew Ling!

Some good news: I passed my Assignment 1 (Cross Cultural). Hooray!! I shouldn't complain too much.....*since the lecturer mostly had positive comments in the feedback*.
I spoke to Melanie as well. The meeting went marvellously well, although it was a serious discussion no less.

Some not so good news: There is that thing with my classmate. Perhaps we need some time to cool off before we get this issue settled. Maybe it just isn't the right time to tackle it now. My classmates are the one who are making a fuss now. They just cant stand 2 of their classmates not talking to each other!
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Use Bloglines. Save Time.

Use Bloglines. Save Time.

Ok, I don't have time to read all the blogs around , so now I am using Bloglines. 

It keeps a record when new entries are updated, and I don't have to surf around.

*So, cool.*

You can view my subscriptions here:

These are my blog RSS feed URLS. so add them.




Have fun saving time!
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I am sorry.


I am sorry.

[Oct 6th 12:24am.]

I am sorry you find me too loud.

I am sorry you find I drive you crazy.

I am sorry you find me too thick skinned for my own good.

I am sorry you find me demanding.

I am sorry you find me too crazy.

I am sorry
you find me a drama queen.

I am sorry I find myself so emotional.

I am sorry
I find myself too naive.

I am sorry
I appreciate you.

I am sorry you can't appreciate me for the way I am.


I am NOT sorry for being myself.

I hope you will one day meet someone who could appreciate you for what you are.

[Oct 6th:]

[Oct 13]:
Just needed to republish it.
Academic Crisis!

Academic Crisis!

[update: 13th Oct]:
I e-mailed O'Neill & told her what happened.
I dunno if she was sarcastic or not......but it was mostly dry??

Y' know, NH & I are not the only students in uni she has to look into......
But, I think even O'Neill thought NH was over-reacting.

* Chea Yee starts laughing till her sides ache and rolls onto the floor!*.

[update: 6th Oct]:
Still no news yet from either party.

[5th Oct]:
Yes. On red alert.

To think this could happen! Very shitty.
What which was a minor misunderstanding has escalated into huge name-calling with this spiteful turn of events.

What which was a stupid misunderstanding has snowballed into something which should not have even happened!

What which was not essentially an academic misdeameanor has evolved into some academic misdeameanor.

I would have thought a person aged 40+ would be more mature. We aren't mind readers, you know?
It has escalated to such great heights that the uni has had to call the college and they in turn have to contact me before I could finally get wind of what was happening.

*Hello*?? *are you missing something there??*
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Got interviewed for TV!


Got interviewed for TV!

Please read about my interview for Television here.

Have fun! Hehe.
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A torn heart.


A torn heart.

I draw a heart,
A very nice one.

Bright, red & robust.
But then the crayon breaks!

My heart is torn,
A hole is there!

A plaster I take to stick it back,
But the tear is there.
It is still there.

It looks so bad,
I could cry out loud!

But Daddy says it's alright,
We'll just draw a new one.

I look at it,
I hope He's right.

Perhaps in time,
He'll draw me a new one.

A nice big, robust pink one instead!
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My playmate.

My playmate.

I wished so much you were here.
My playmate,
My bestest playmate at the pond!

We'd frolick at the garden,
Kites in our hands,
Tadpoles in our bottles.

We'd kick the water,
Our bare feet wet.

Splashing each other,
We'd scream and shout,
Till the neighours all looked out,
We'd laugh out loud!

From morn till dusk,
Not a care in the world.

But the rain is here,
It won't go away.

Daddy called me from the pane,
To look at my book.
I look away,
But sadly away.
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Castle of Dreams.

Castle of Dreams.

Tell me which poem you like better?

Doodling castles in the air.
But the wind blows.
Bloweth it away!

Running after it,
I try.
I try to catch hold of it.
But its too far,
Its gone too far away!

I cry.
I cry very hard.
Daddy tells me if its mine,
I'll get it.

Is it?

I wonder if it'd ever get built?
My castle.
Castle of dreams.

Would it get built?
Made of gold or silver or of gems?
Or is it ruby or of diamonds?

One day.
Brick by brick.
Stone by stone.
One fine day I shall have it.

My castle.
My very own castle.
My castle of dreams.
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The Rain


The Rain

This is the cry of my heart. Do tell me what you think.

The rain is pouring,
It is tearing.
Out the glassy windows I look,
My heart beats the same.

I want to go out and play,
But Daddy says NO.
He says I can't play,
Till the rain is away.

I can't wait for the sun to come,
To frolick at the pond.
I hate staying cooped up here,
It's so dreadful and drear!

He says I'll slip and fall,
Out on the mossy green,
The mud is dirty,
It is so unclean.

I try to listen to Him,
But sometimes I don't.
I steal out to play,
But then I fall dastardly ill!

Oh Daddy, Daddy, don't cry,
I'll try to be good.
I shouldn't be naughty,
But I try very hard.

I can't wait to see you,
My best friend at the pond.
Its seems like ages,
Since the sun had past on us!
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That makes two YES-es in two weeks!


That makes two YES-es in two weeks!



I gave PG the answer yes, to his question earlier.
That is twice in two weeks!
The YES is for last Thursday when he asked if I was free then. (after his fiasco)
I really don't see the point in giving an answer.
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In the morning:


In the morning:

This came to mind.

Ask and it shall be given.

Seek and ye shall find.

Knock and the door shall be opened.

I am waiting for you to ask. Will you or will you not?
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Do you think I don't care?


Do you think I don't care?

I went out with a friend recently. The entire night I was out with her, she was occupied with texting her cell.
I didn't say anything. What is there to say?

I understood where she is coming from. Or most of it. I thought, her a strong Christian, would not have the problem. That it would not affect her.
But it did. Badly. In tears.
My heart bled.

I thought that when we went out, she would be the stable one. The Rock.
It turns out not so. I turned out a Rock then.
Yes, I do care.

Do you think I don't care what has happened between us?
My emotions are not something I can just sweep off under the carpet. Yes. I care about what has happened. But I can't tell you that, can I?

The Lord is her shepherd. Eventhough she walks through the valley of shadow and darkness, may she find comfort & protection in Jesus' Strength, Blood & Righteousness. May her tears be comforted. Amen.
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