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A text from Jess:

I got this text from Jess early in the morning:
When God wants 2 use us, we need 2 know who God is & know who we are.
Many Christians forget this truth: We're only human! Even it takes a crisis 2 get 2 us 2 admit this, God won't hesitate 2 allow it. Lord, U teach us with circumstances? I guess so... Bcoz, u love me.

Dear Lord, Help us not 2 take things with our bare hands, give us ur wisdom & understand to respond according to your way.
Cleanse & Cover me with your precious blood & TQ for the victory on the Cross.

Amen. Hmmmmm..*isn't it strange that is just looks like the entry right just before this?*
That's probably coz we just saw each other the night before!

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