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Royally Pissed!

Yes. With PG.

Who else? I mean, with others, I may not get as pissed. But with him? Easily! How can anyone not confirm a meeting and wait till last minute before confirming the event? If you already have an idea that the event will take place on Wed, why do u wait until the last minute? What are you trying to prove?
And you called me a drama queen! *right*

That's so not you, PG. You have always been considerate. (or try to be, that is).

Like I have no plans of mine, lar? So I have to keep mine on hold till you confirm, which is not early, and you figuring last minute is okay, is it? Please don't expect me to change my plans just to accomodate yours.
It is not that you do not have more than enough time to make plans, or foreplan. You are having 2 weeks of holidays and what?? No time??

If you had asked, we may have accomodated you.

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