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First Blogger meet-up in Midvalley

Just came back from my FIRST blogger meet up!! How was it?

Well, I managed to drag Madeline Yee to the bloggers meet. Hmmm..I just realised that I didn't take any pictures with her..but someone did snap our picture ler?

There were some of the *famous* bloggers that made their appearance..but heh. I didn't really talk to them, except for Peter Tan? Yeah. and Minishorts as well.

I saw the group gathering at about just bfore 3pm, but decided that Madeline and I should take a stroll around first before going in. Hehe :-)

Group, the bloggers hanging out.

Danny Foo and DZOF

Patricia, a journalism student from LKW.

Danny!! He looks much better now!! Hehe.

CYAlbert, Albert of Xfresh.

CYfriend, Dusty Hawk and me...Birds of Canine flock together!!!
Will write more later!


Bkworm said...

Hi! you said you were also from Seri Mega sometime in the 1980s! I was at the Blogger's Meet too today :)....the one standing behind Peter Tan. Small world, ain't it??

Peter said...
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Peter said...

Why you and Madeline did not wait to take photos with me????? Hope you had a great time. Thank you.

cheayee said...

Bookworm: Yes, I was in Sri Mega from Std 1- Std 3. Then on the first day of Std 4, my parents decided to send me off to another school. Good parents I have yeah??

Peter: Actually, I was a bit embarrassed (and shy as well!) coz you seem occupied, and there were a lot of ppl around as well......... *yes, I was a bit embarrassed*..nevermind...nevermind about that...There's always the next time! *laughs!*

Albert: thanks for visiting my site as well!!

Albert said...

Hi! I originally meant to post my reply here but it was late and I ter-posted my reply in the tagboard. :( Anyway how come your pics have this funny noisy effect on the dark parts?

cheayee said...

what noisy effect?

ummmm..oklar, if there is any noisy effect, I also don't know, coz the sound system on my com is konked out.

it just doesn't work lar!

eyeris said...

was there too but I only turned up for five minutes... hehe. the invisible eye. :)

KY said...

peter, cos u like to hamsup them laa

Peter said...

Why are you stalking me all over blogosphere? It is not called hamsup. It is called being warm and friendly.

Serge Norguard said...

ehhh ehh ehh .... it's spelt Dustyhawk not Dusty Hawk

tigerjoe said...

And I was wondering who was the hot chick with the super-cute dimples... :P

cheayee said...

thank u!

*squeals* it possible for you ppl to put a picture on your blogs...hmmm identifying pictures...(if that is possible!) :-P

i am going through the sites to make sure I got the right person. Sometimes I make one for the other, and there were some that I didn't manage to talk to on that day, coz there were quite A LOT that turned up as well.


Emilie said...

aiyaa, ter-post in your tagbpard

i think what albert meant was that the dark spots in your pictures look very pixeled... you know, lots of pixels... erm, lots of tiny rough dots?!?!

how to put the pictures together ar? edit them lor, crop...

cheayee said...

oh. those "noisy effects".

THE Adobe Photoshop term.

yeah. it is noisy effect.

nevermind about that. I need to get a better camera.

SK said...

It's a pleasure to know you. ;-)

Marita Paige said...

Turned up with Bookworm and then popped off again. Shy lar...

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