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Mid Autumn Festival at Irene C's.

Today, after getting the car from EON, I drove the car to Summit. I was thinking of using the highway, whre formerly there was a U-turn that allowed me to make a turn after the LDP toll....but, apparently I had to pay a toll just to go through it, and then they asked me to make another turn back there, so I could turn back to Sunway!!

Bloodsucking LDP company. I had to pay RM2.50 in total so I could make a turn back to Summit.
Real bloodsuckers these people!

Anyway, I finally turned in my MCI file to Melanie today. FINALLY!!

Finally went for my first 6pm service at FGA today. There was a one man impersonator show on today. No message was preached today. He did an entire impersonation of the entire of the lifestory of King David up from where he befelled Goliath, to the time God restored him from where he was restored from his committing of adultery....*interesting*..

Went to IreneC's place for a TangLung evening at her place. Amos and Kathleen stole over to our group today!
Apparently Winston had something on at his home as well!

Anyway, I will put up pictures of the evening later!

My brother (who drove himself along) kept pestering Carmen to teach him to play Mafia. It is exactly the same game that Annie & I had played at our director, Christopher Lee's place about 3 years ago. It was such an interesting game that I had written about it in my diary then (Sorry, no blogs then!) You can either write out the roles, or use a deck of cards to designate the roles, and it is all picked by each individual in random.

Queens- Doctor..
Joker- Mafia.
Any other- civilian.
There will be a narrator whose eyes will be open at all times.
During the game, every one has to close their eyes, except when their roles are being called out.

The Mafia will choose one victim each time.
The doctor has to pick one person to save (which could be himself/ or some other person who is to be the victim).
If the doctor did not save the right victim, then the victim has to die.
The Spy has to guess who is the mafia to kill.
Then everyone opens their eyes.

The narrator then goes..It has been a bloody morning. Someone has died....(and states who has died)
if not, then the person was saved...

Everyone has to take a vote and guess who is the mafia and kill that person.
The aim of the game is to find and kill the mafia.The mafia's aim is to protect him/herself.
S/he can accuse others or maybe even himself. Depending how s/he plays the game.

Only the dead person can keep their eyes at all times. They are not permitted to join in the game after that.
The game ends either when only 3 ppl are remaining.

It is either Mafia or Civillian who wins!

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