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I needed to.

The movie ended quite early, and I was like?


Wednesday is when the YAF has their prayer meet.
I felt guilty for skipping. I should have not gone for the movie, but I did.....

*bad girl. bad bad girl!*

I headed straight for prayers after the show ended.
Well, I needed to.
I needed to pray.

Sometimes a lot of us think our burdens are too hard, but when we share with others, it seems comparatively minute. I have this fear of the problem that it ends up instead of leaving it as it is, and trust that God can work it out with out my help, I end up taking the whole thing and not trusting God with it instead. This sounds alien to many people, but to me, and there are many others, yes, who echo similar thoughts.

I have been shown a way, and yet I have chosen to ignore it. I thought it would be over and done with, and yet it still returns from oblivion to the present.

Father God, forgive me of my stubborness. Forgive this stubborn child of yours.
Forgive her for disobeying what you had rightly shown to her.
Show her that you really love her and that you are always by her side.
Show her that you love her in spite of what she has done.
Show her what is right and give her comfort.
Give her your strength that she need not struggle alone.
Strengthen her heart and make her strong.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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