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EON- Total disgrace.

Took my car from EON service centre today. Seriously, I can't believe this.
How can EON even say that they "luluskan" my car for delivery to its chain end users if so many of its functions are not working? It is a total disgrace on their part. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be called their customers.
I got this WIRA Auto1.5 car from them. I just got my car last Friday, and although I didn't drive it for 3 days, the battery had already koncked out!

The technician had to come to my house to jumpstart and fix the battery. Tsk tsk tsk.

What an embarrassment.

1) The dashboard lights were not functioning.

2) There was a problem with the timing belt. I could hear "chck..chck" when I drove the car.

3) The air conditioner was not even functioning properly.

Such a total disgrace. The only thing I can say is that, at least the technicians who had to fix the problems of the car were doing their work!

Now, the final problem is the speedometer. The petrol indicator has already reached the bottom, but the speedometer is only at 250km. I had filled up the tank till about 47litres (which is almost full tank plus additional gas that compresses the petrol down!). If it can't reach even 300km, I am going to have to make another report to the EON authorities.


kelvinchew said...

din anyone tell u not 2 get the wira 1.5?

its ok to get the earlier version one but not the special edition one as it's known 4 its problems coz it uses old parts.

since ur paying that much, y not get the myvi or savvy?,,, more or less the same price.

proton u knowlah,,,very problem 1.

anyway just 2 tell u i enjoy reading ur posts n thanks 4 dropping by my site.

Wingz said...

malaysia bulleh!!!

zhuchangfen said...

This is no news anymore. Good luck... yeah, Malaysia Boleh.

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