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Diversifying your writings helps!

When I first decided to start a new blog for my education journals, I was pretty hesitant, and it took me a while before I actually decided on a proper name, theme and all for it.
But now that I have, I realised that I probably should have done that in the first place! *laughs*

I find that I am able to focus my writings better. Also, I find that it is a site that I would rather have people read, than this one. Especially people that I meet at work.

Well, surprise. surprise. I think I would like to keep this blog a bit more private away from people I meet at work as there are things that I would rather not want them to know, unless they happened to bump into it, shall I say?

Well, recently I decided to put ads on both my blogs (if you have noticed any of it, that is!). Kind of wanted to experiment if anyone would actually want to click on those ads. To my surprise, finally, after a week or so, someone did click on's not much but....that's pretty good for a start lar for something I just put for less than 7 days?!

Haha.... it's chicken feed now, but hei.....sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit-lah!

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wong said...

yeap, should make more private :P even my partner also has no idea about my blogs here LOL~! Good luck on your adsense by the way :)

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