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Casa Del Bambino

Ok, this is my new blog.

Casa Del Bambino

Yup. I started a new blog. It really is to focus my writings (especially those on childhood issues and reflections) and not let my thoughts run all over the place.

I shall update you all on the other blogs when they are ready.


SilverFOX said...

Sounds like you have an identity crisis there, girl :p But seriously, I'm just curious on how are you going about maintaining so many blogs? (btw, have you seen the movie "Identity"?)

cheayee said...

I have no idea...

I guess go with the flow, kwah?

most probably the 3 blogs.

most probably more entries in the casadelbambino blog since I have to write reports almost evryday!

Less for Bullocking (no time for entertaining as such!) and
more for this main, since I tend to rant more as well....

Ha ha ha ha ha...

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