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Big Fish MNCs bullying Small Fry bloggers.

Mack Zulkifli was relating today the case of Mun with his case against Fitness First. Now, if I want to complain, I can....and I did...*laughs*.

I was there early this year (at Menara Axis) as Annie and I first hand found out through our own experience and complained to the manager through the Fitness First website about the professionalism of the Front Desk Staff. Fortunately for us, the manager took notice. Annie used to work in a hotel, so she was pretty appalled by the kind of service they offered to us!!

However, my main complaint was about the Personal Trainers and seriously, until now, I find them pretty irresponsible. Anyway, wonders beyond wonders, Mun managed to find my entry on the Personal trainers.....*well, cool for him though* coz I would have totally forgotten about it had he not found it! *laughs*!

Now, I did write about this (in Malay, nonetheless due to the entire ber-belog dlm BM thingy!) so probably no one understood as much? *laughs*

Nevermind... At least we have ppl like Mack & Jeff Ooi to settle the case for us, small fry. With their expertise and know how, at least these MNCs would know that bloggers are NOT JUST a group of people without any backing. Bloggers are growing in quantities by the day, and so is the support.

Nonetheless, there has to be laws and provision made for us.

As Spidey says,With Power Comes Responsibility.

We can blog about what we want, but we also have to accept the responsibilities and repercussions that comes with it too as well.

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