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Pre-school ridded off teacher on a hazy day.

*Damn* the haze.

I want to go up Genting. I am sick of the haze. I want to breathe in fresh cold air.Wear some nice warm clothes and go around enjoying the sights in Genting....

*wahhhhh* *wahhhh* *wahhhhh*

Nevermind if I have to go to work.
I hate wearing masks around.
I hate not being able to go out in the open to eat.

*damn* *damn* *damn*

Today, the haze is worst than yesterday. Pity those who didn't have the foresight to get any of the masks when they still could.
Air Pollution Index- 321 for KL, 531- Kuala Selangor.

This morning at 2 am plus, IreneQ came online for a while....wahaha..first time we managed to chat online. Discussed about teaching methodologies...yup. Teaching English with a focus of it as a second language.

Now, what is that girl doing online so late if she has to work the next day, eh?

Well, I went to watch a Jap movie at Midvalley. Well, what did u expect me to do? Stay home all day?

No way man. Tickets for movies before 6pm retails for RM8.
If you are a student, it retails for RM6. Wahahahah...I forgot to show my student pass.
*Aisay* that goes for my not checking.But normally, if the person selling tickets to me is a guy, he'd price it to me for RM6 even if I didn't show my student pass...*heh* ;-)

Perks for being a girl anyway. ;-)

In the morning, I ran some errands. Read 2 Corinthians for about half an hour, then my textbooks for another hour. Something to do with InterCultural Language Teaching and Learning, and I have like 3 more books to go through.

I bumped into MaySuan at Midvalley. She just finished her studies in OZ for the past 2 1/2 years and came home and immediately found a job. Now, isn't that amazing?!!

Apparently, she is working for the media company that is in charge of publicity for the Maybank Treats Fair at Midvalley for this weekend.

Ok, on reflection, some people like Australia. Some people don't like it. Not to mention the fact that everythign closes at 5pm (and it is mightily inconvenient, which I do agree!!). She came back as she didn't like it there either...hahah..

The more you work, the more taxes you have to pay there, apparently.. well, hello, isn't it the same here???

Anyway, I finished reading Harry Potter on Tuesday afternoon itself. How is the story?

*ummmm**..After hearing the scary stories from Katherine, I decided to finish up readng H.P as quick as I could. Not to mention the fact that I had scary dreams about it... :-P.

Nevermind, I have 3 textbooks to go through. I really couldn't care if I didn't re-read the entire HP Book 6 for now. Thanks to PG, from whose brother, PS, I borrowed it from.

Ok, finally, I found this on PPS earlier....something about building a Skype phone out of an old wireless phone.

Right, Aaron, can you make head or tail out of this???
*Good idea, nonetheless*


SilverFOX said...

I'd say the guy's a genius :)

There's an application that you can download and install on your PC from Skype (, which is free. You can use the program over the Internet to call another person (probably must have Skype installed on their PCs as well) and chat via a headphone equipped with a microphone.

The way they literally 'hacked' the wireless phone allows it to connect to the PC's sound card and use it together with Skype is pure genius. As you know, a cordless phone can be used within a certain radius in a home, but still, sound quality should be better than an average headphone-microphone combo ^_^

cheayee said...

would you actually be able to do that on your own computer?

i can't install Skype on mine, as it is windows 98. a bit pariah, i know. wa ha ha.

well, the guys need a solder to solder it onto the sound card. I am not going to electrocute my com in anyway and kill it.

cheayee said...

hows your blog doing on the PPS?

put a counter for the number of hits on your blog, leh.

SilverFOX said...

Okay, maybe it was a little too technical the way i have been rambling on and on... :)

The soldering isn't done on the PC but on the DECT phone with a couple of 3.5mm (diameter) headplugs: one for the microphone jack and the other for the headphone jack that can be (for lack of a better term) jacked-in to the respective jacks on the sound card.

Right, don't any of you start wisecracking about "I don't know jack" now... :p

SilverFOX said...

PPS seems to have garnered myself a wanderer so far, but that's a good sign for starters :)

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