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Kanasai viruses strikes all three at home!!!

Just came from KennySia's.
I don't approve of speaking Benglish English, but if you want to see my site in Benglish...... in Benglish......

*damn funny*


Ok, my 3 computers have been infected with viruses! Worm and Trojan Horses..*sigh*.

Took forever to get all the three computers cleaned up. My brother made the mistake of not installing an anti-virus programme in one of the computers. When I switched on the desktop in the main hall on Tuesday, the entire thing was teeming with virus, so much so that it rendered all my programmes inaccessible.

Really wasted a couple of hours just trying to fix the entire situation. Not to mention my brother's lackadaisal and complacency towards the whole thing.
We disabled the Network Sharing in the laptop, and fortunately the desktop in my room is not affected. Then again, I don't use the desktop in my room, so what is the entire point, right?

Then I spent the night burning cds of all the important document to ensure for backup. Fortunately, I made a back up copy of my important programmes in June, so those weren't infected. The viruses seemed to have made a direct attack on the computer software programs instead. I doubt they could find any place to hide in the Word or Pagemaker files! *wah!*

Well, at least now he is *wise* enough to install a stronger Anti-Virus programme.

Anyway, I have been mulling which language to learn to far, with my choices being Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin and Sign Language. This is in context with the current unit that I am undertaking, as I am taking a unit on Cross Cultural Communication, and it was advised that it would be good if I was currently also doing studies on another language as well, so I could understand the underlying concepts as I go through the course, as well as when I am doing my assignments.

Hmmm....I think I have made my choice. After consulting around, I had decided to revise my Sign Language (being good for teaching pre-schoolers and can be done concurrently). I had taken up a workshop in Sign Language last year, so I have the basics understanding for it. So , it really is a matter of practise.

The next language would be Mandarin. which is just brushing up on my listening and speaking skills. (not that important anyway).

As for Japanese and Spanish, I like Spanish language better, but it is only valuable if I go to South America, Mexico or The States! Haha..the only person I can speak that with is U Joe and Isabel from MKIS. It was Isabel that gave me the basics for Spanish, but U Joe helped me a lot for Spanish! *Thanks!* It is easier to learn as a lot of the words are borrowed from English, and many words similar in French as well...but not many to practise with.

As for Japanese, there is Foong, Nami, the Watabe family, and I get to practise it with AiLing & Mabel. I don't really like the language, but I have to mention that there is demand for people who know how to speak Japanese! The language is pretty valuable, not to mention the country itself is rich....
Damn. This makes it even harder!

*Then again, did anyone watch yesterday's news? Japan been hit by earthquake yesterday! Richter scale of 7.2!! The Tsunami was only about 8!!! *Scary*!!!


SilverFOX said...

Darn it. Why does everything sound so darn funny when everything become Malaysianised?

Still nursing my sore butt after falling off my chair reading through your blog one more time after it's been Benglished...

Darn those Malaysian Hokkien langs!

Anonymous said...

dammit.... my first dose of malaysianized lit. pretty damn cool.. love it love it love it....

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