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Environment makes the person

Lilian was debating why Annette behaved differently in this school, as apposed to when in the Desa Petaling branch. This is so, as Annette displayed a different personality altogether, as she was very quiet over in the other branch, but over here, she was very expressive and active.(which in her opinion, is something not normal).

From my perspective, it is not so much of nature versus nurture, but it is a combination of both factors. A person changes their personality to adapt to the environment, but it is also the environment in reaction/ or response to the individual, which would influence how a person behave. The person’s coping behaviour would influence the final outcome of the individual’s personality.

For children, the case is that, they unconsciously do it, as their cognitive level has yet to reach the level where they can analyse their behaviour fully, but in adults, this is possible. What more for a child of 4 years old?

I say this is the case, because of my experience within the CGs itself. Yet, it was done and observed on an unconscious level. My behaviour had changed dramatically when I am around both the different groups, and even further more when both groups come together for events. If this is possible for an adult on an unconscious level, what more for a child, is it not?

Even as the principal observed, what makes the environment?

The environment consists of:
-The people around the individual, in this instance, the other classmates, whereby the children in this branch are all noisy, and talkative, and are tolerated for their noise.
-The culture of the environment, and how they react to the individual. The children are not reprimanded for moving around.

-The administration managing the environment, here which are the teachers and the administration. The question of how does the teacher respond to the child when they do what they do?

-The settings of the environment, whereby how is the environment placed, in this instance in huge grounds, with an outdoor playground, whereby, formerly, the individual was placed in an office block, where noise of any kind was not tolerated or children would be reprimanded for doing so.

I think that Lilian is trying to pass the buck by saying that there is something inherently not right with the child for the dramatic transformation in behaviour over night. In my opinion, she is not willing to face the facts that she is part of the environment, which basically summed up, may point to the fact, that she at her age, may have trouble managing order of a class. (which to her, is probably something shameful indeed?)

To which, I can only say, wake up, and smell the roses, for you are not living in the real world!!

A person who does not adapt to the environment that they are placed in, is indefinitely committing social suicide. It is impossible for a person who is working or living in Malaysia, to do vertically the same, if they are transferred to either Australia, or Japan for that instance.

As they say, in Rome, do as the Romans do. But not to the extent that one loses their personality or principles along the way.


SilverFOX said...

To which, I can only say, wake up, and smell the roses, for you are not living in the real world!!

Yes yes, CY, we already learnt that from the Wachowski brothers... ;^p

cheayee said...


who are the wachowski brothers?

SilverFOX said...

Adoiii... they are the creators of The Matrix la~

cheayee said...

i mana tahu lar?

budak ni ler..

matakecil said...

environment makes the man / woman? or the other way around? well, i think BOTH. sometime the environment makes the man, sometimes the man makes the environment. :)

cheayee said...

matakecil: I did state that "Other wo/man" makes the environment la..

read properly lar.

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