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Photos: Young Adults Sisters

The W-A-U-S (We Appreciate U- Sisters) was great!

Saturday morning:
I had to wake up early to attend this Fajar Bakti seminar at Crown Princess. Pretty boring stuff I say. I was late, but my mom was later! She was taking her own sweet time to get down to the car! Hah! We had to pick up some people on the way.

I would stick to the workshops and lectures I have in college. With only less than 20 students a class, and specialised study, those are the kind of knowledge that will get soaked into your brain. Not stuffing over a 200 ppl in one room, and doing some workshop, and hoping they could at least understand 10% of it...well, maybe for my colleagues, that is neat stuff. Pretty much a waste of one day's time for me! *bleh!*

I thought I would be late for my pick-up at my CG's centre. Turns out I was one of the earliest!! Haha.
Everyone looked good. The girls took extra steps to look great...

I went in Mel's car with Tani and Julie. On the way to Bukit Beruntung, we made fun of each other, and especially Mel. Hehe. Poor Mel. ;-) *But I think he was cool with it!*
Mel was dressed in beach wear. Well, he was wearing a bright orangy shirt and jeans. He would not have looked out of place with the Hawaiian Five-O music in the background. Hehe.

Later at Fabien's:
Well, it turned out we were having steamboat. The men really did a lot of background work, and deserve a good clap behind on the back.

* I shall call them MEN. Coz they are acting like MEN, and ya lar, to give them the respect they deserve*.

Amos called after I just arrived....Heheh... I told the girls to all call out Hi to him through the phone. idea why he just called la! I think he might have wanted to join us, but I think Bkt. Beruntung may be a bit too far-away.... hahahha.

We had steamboat, about 3 tables, with tom-yam and normal soup base. *YuMmY!!*
Lots of food to go around. Fish balls, mushrooms, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, you know, the usual stuff for steamboat. Packets of chips, iced black jelly drink, etc.

After that we had the main event for the night!!!

Each of the ladies received a rose stem which had a note penned down on a card by one of the men (multiple ladies to one man, apparently!! *lolz*). We had three guesses each, and okay, I got mine right at the 3rd guess! It turned out to be Mel! *Lolz*.

Pui-Pui brought a friend that night, Victor, who turned out to be Elaine's old friend as well. Pui-Pui got her note written by Victor! After which, we had Charades for games, and the groups were divided into three groups depending on the colour of the cards we got.

To end the entire event, the men dedicated a song to the women.

Then after, we celebrated three of the August babies: Pui-Pui, Irene and Fabien's wife..(sorry...can't remember exact name!). The men bought a jelly cake and we also had ice-cream!!

Sunil had bought tubs of ice-cream: Chocolate, Yam and Raspberry (If I am not mistaken)....

I wanted some of the chocolaty- ice-cream, but David ended up wolfing it up!!!! *nevermind*.

Before the group left, they prayed for the host and his wife.

My friend, Vivien, who happens to know the host as well, had actually come earlier, but because our event was ending later than she thought, she went off to visit another friend and then came back to get me later.
Went over to Vivien's to stay the night.

Orchids and lamps out in the garden....

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.....

Had a really lovely dream....
Vivien said I snored. Hahhahaha...well, maybe a little. She asked if I sleep on my front....well, actually, I normally sleep on my side to begin with, but how would I know what happens after I am knocked out, right??

You tell me lar, Annie, what do I do after I sleep lar!!

I slept till about 9 am, and then Vivien woke me up saying we were going to church..*wahhhhh*.
I wanted to sleep some more, and didn't feel like attending! *blech*.
I felt guilty a bit later,coz if I didn't go, it would have caused another fella not to attend, and that would have been on my conscience. Anyway, I was the one who wanted to go the night before. Ha ha ha. So much for my inclinations.

We went to The Dwelling Place. Actually, I was not even paying attention to the sermon, nor was I really singing......the only thing that stuck out from the sermon in my brain was "Abraham had such faith in God, that it was faith in action". The premise of the sermon was actually about Abraham's servant, Eliezer, who had seen Abraham's faith in action all the many years he had served the former, that God was also testing Eliezer's faith to find a wife for Isaac, and that Abraham's faith will see him through.....

Anyway, after which, Jeff came up all the way from Klang and drove us up all the way to Klang to have Bah-Ku-Teh, and he drove us around Klang.

Later, we went down to One Utama to watch a movie, Herbie-Reloaded (starring Lindsay Lohan, Keaton, Matt Dillon), with KuanYeong in the evening.
I got home about 10pm. Pretty late, considering that the rest of the others have to wake up early on Monday for work, and Vivien had to go back home all the way....

I came home earlier a day. Well, my parents weren't expecting me back till Monday!! haha...Well, it would save me the trip of waking up early on Monday and coming down by train anyway.

Vivien did mention that my entries tend to be serious. Heh. Well, when it comes to entries with religious overtones, it is not something that should be lackadaisal in content. For others who may not think so, it really is not my concern.

There is the thing about writing for one-self, and writing for an audience. Thanks, but in order to maintain my sanity, I shall not write for an audience. If KennySia, XiaXue or Jeff Ooi would like like to do that, it is their perogative. Then again, XiaXue has already started another anonymous blog for herself, so what can I say?
Writing for an audience really isn't for me, unless it is something specific like magazine writing or for the newspaper or media.

One thing I can say, the older I get, the more senile (in real life) I get. The older Vivien gets, the more serious she gets...

*She's going to kill me for putting this down.....Whahahahhahahahahhah I just found out that she reads my blog from time to time!!*

Anyway, All's Well, Ends Well to a nice and lovely weekend........:-)
And Great Start to the school holidays!!


Anonymous said...

lemme tell you what you do.. you kick me till i nearly died.. before that, you grind your teeth, snore, talk a little.. yell a lot and made me very very nervous... :>
love you loads...
love hugs kisses

cheayee said...

thank u Annieeee......

I LOVEEEEE you Annnieeeeeee


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