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Day23 PDL: funny observations

Just an interesting anecdote I observed of one of my kids, CW today. I just had to blog about it.
One of my kids, Jasper was absent from school today. I am the "chaffeur", that sends them home after school.

Ok, kids ARE observant.

Normally, after sending ZE home, I would normally use the road that leads straight from her house to this alley between two houses.
So, today instead of doing that, I turn right, and drove.
"Teacher, are you buying lunch today?", CW quipped.


"I am going straight the other road, CW".

And then I had to explain to CW why I was not buying lunch. (which, normally if I did not follow the normal route, it normally meant I was going to order take-away from McDonald's nearby. *lolz* And the first thing they would demand for is ICE-CREAM!!! I would have to tell them, GO HOME & EAT YOUR LUNCH! THANKSSS!!!!!

Man, dont think kids are blur. CW may sound and look blur, but that simple observation shows that he is FAR from being blur. Although he is ONLY 4 years old.


My PDL reading is a few days behind time...but I shall not compare it to Amos...who is still probably in Week 1 (I think!!!) Ha ha ha.
I saw my brother reading his PDL textbook earlier. Seriously, the PDL book is very useful especially to believers whose faith is floundering, or someone who need or wants new insight. I need to read it as well.

As Jess noted, yes I am quoting you here ;-) The PDL serves as a blueprint and a key to unlock the bible readings.

Which in a way, I do agree too as well! I was out with the Connections CG on Saturday and we had steamboat porridge at Sri Petaling. I will post up the pictures later when I do have the time to do it. It's pretty interesting. Using porridge as the base soup for your steamboat.

How was the group? *Hmmm* *Hmmm*

I think the guys from Ruggeds should get to know BETTER the girls from Connections.

I wonder why they don't? They would be pleasantly surprised. *lolz* ;-) I like the group. Not AT ALL quiet. Not the quiet group as people would think. Ha ha.

Jacqueline noted this......."I am sure that many guys are after you"...

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM Oh don't know what you are talking about. ;-)

Anyways, AL came over to my house on Sunday night. It was 10pm, so we didn't go out for supper as I had an early day. Instead, we made some hot drinks in the kitchen.

AL: You know, it is getting hot here in the kitchen...
Me: You can always remove that shirt, you know. No one will see it.. *and winked at her*.
AL: *Right*.What if your dad comes down for a drink?
Me: Ahhh...What are the chances of him coming down?

Less than 5 minutes dad walks in. "So, you want a drink, girls??"

We both took one look at him and started to guffaw loudly at him!

AL: You are lucky that I didn't take up your MAD idea!!!!
Me: Actually you should have. It would have been fun to watch... Ha ha ha

Then I told her my observations of the past week.

AL: You really are siao lar. You are siao personified....
Me: Oh darling. I am such a good girl. How could you ever say that about me?? *with a twinkle in my eye*
AL: *Right.........*
Me: hmmmm...have you forgotten about Annie?
She is a THOUSAND times Siao Personified than Me lar..
AL: OH, you mean the one that SCREAMED in the car whilst I was driving???
Me: Uh..yesss
AL: Oh, THAT girl!!! Oh yes....I shall forever remember her for that.......!


AL: You know, if ever you are quiet, it means that there is something wrong somewhere.
You are by nature NOISY. Prim and proper was never you (or something along that lines).
Me: Oh really?? *winking*
AL: *Oh Yessssss*
Me: Hmmm...I know. You are not the first to tell me....even JK and PG used to tell me that. Ha ha ha ha.... Even my uni classmates say the same thing. When I am not there, they say that the class is QUIET.....
AL: I am sure...

Me: Oh when I am not, it either means I am halfway sleeping through class or tinkering with my mobile..
AL: Uh huh...


CAL said...

I did not say you were "siao personified" ... though hey, feel free to paraphrase. *laughing* By the way, I'm still only on day 19 of PDL. We have a meeting on Saturday right? If I don't go to the prayer meet, what time do I have to be there?

cheayee said...

Prayer meet is on Wednesday.

The PDL starts at 5.45 and ends at 7.30. *but seriously, 1 1/2 hours is not really much time to worship and discuss..... A bit unrealistic, but hei, they want to keep to the schedule. So, what can I say, right?

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