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Well, LLC is Back In Action...Ha ha.
Anyway, I find it just strange how sometimes God answers prayer requests in such a strange way.
Or more, how he chooses to answer some, and not the rest.

The moment that LLC told me she was returning from UK, the first thing that popped into my mind was actually to pray for her.
I do know that LLC has a wonderful life. Good paying job. Nice Caucasian beau. Nice car. Friends to club with. And more clubbing and pubbing every week. Then again, is there all there is to her life?
I told myself that, although she may seem to have everything, the one thing lacking in her life is God. But we have been told to pray for others and love them.

For the past 2 weeks she has been, apparently she has been sick. and in a depression...*umm* Yeah. right. The reason she states this is because she is *searching for the meaning of life*
I am just wondering, how timely that God would answer my prayer in such a manner....(obviously I did not tell her that I prayed for her.....*and I don't think it is the right time to do so anyway!*).

I told her that my life may seem boring compared to hers. With Bible study. Friends who are clean and do not bar hop or may not go clubbing. or go mountain climbing or hill hiking. and will READ the Bible.
But hei, I am satisfied in that way. Life is a challenge already. And who says being a Christian is easy?
Life in Christ is an adventure. I can seriously say that. Although it may seem that nothing is going on, a lot goes on in my mind, as is evident by my writing here, no?

People find it hard to understand the notion, "to substitute a relationship with God through a relationshp with another person to fill in that vacuum".
Of course, each and everyone of us is dealt by God in a different manner. You know, just because I was brought up in Christian family nor the fact that my father may be a pastor or a Christian leader doesn't mean that I would lead a very godly Christian life. In fact, I may not even bother. Just as how God dealt even with Franklin Graham, son of world famous preacher, Billy Graham, he deals with each and every one of us in a different manner, unique to our calling and different personalities.

Just as a friend asked me, why am I being so religious? The fact is, I am not. But the fact is, I want to have a relationship with God. and to have a relationship with God means that I trust God that He will lead and write my life down in a way that is pure, whole and consecrated in Him. I know that if I trust Him with my life, He will bring all that my heart desires, because I AM His child and He only WANTS the Best for his children.

If it was my calling to go travel, I am sure that God, like how he chased Jonah, will do the same way to me as He had to him. But for the rest of the world, I want you to pray for this friend of mine, "LLC, friend of Chea Yee".
(sorry, no last names here.....this is TOO public a domain).

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