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Lending the movie Passion to friends

I met up with Peng Guan after a long time. I've been praying and praying... (i would like to think that God IS working behind the scenes). I finally gave PG The Passion movie.

As a friend mentioned too, if God has placed this burden in my heart, I think I will continue praying for it. For it is also stated in the Word that the prayer of a Righteous Person availeth much... (provided they continue seeking righteousness and not depart from it, that is!)

Just as a malay friend of mine, after watching The Passion, told me that he totally couldn't understand why Christ had to die. Even though I explained it like countlessly, he refused to accept or see the light of the reason.

Anyway, went to the gym yesterday. I couldn't even continue with the Body Combat because I was getting a headache halfway. Met up with Amos & Bell at USJ after. Bryant joined us later. okay.*my perspective*?
Fellowships take time to build. It is a commitment.(as so the PDL book states...ha..ha).

Anyway, Peng Guan saw my "covenant ring", but I didn't care to elaborate but just smiled sweetly. It's none of his business.

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