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Canopy Walk at FRIM!!

This morning went for Canopy Walk with the Ruggeds. There were some from the Connexion that came as well.
We all waited at church. I only managed to sleep by 2am, and woke up at 8.30am.
Everyone was waiting at the nearby coffeeshop....actually, I intended to have breakfast there as well, but my mom had already prepared pancakes, so what the heck leh!!!!

There were quite a number of cars driven..Melvin, Lynette, Debra, Peter, SeeHon, Winston and cant remember how many more lar....
The hike up the hill was pretty *breathless*!! , but coming down not so bad however... The canopy is 100 meters above ground and 200 metres in distance..(which totally doesn't amount to that far, however!).
Was it scary? A bit kwah...but *heh*.

Last night went to watch Madagascar with Syed & Amos. My classmate, Aishah was supposed to join us...but due to unforseen circumstances, could not make it....well..there's always another time KWAH. Oh Well.

Hmm...the fellowship during the Canopy Walk was most *enlightening*. I finally managed to meet up with Li Ann after like a LONG LONG While. Barely got to see her during Bible Study periods anyway!

Sometimes God answers our queries in a most interesting way. For example, like last week, I mentioned to the group to pray for the *lost* USQ bankdrafts and yeah, we did. When I was in class yesterday, I asked around for the update of the bankdrafts, and a lot of them are still clueless to the update on the situation.
This morning, when I was having breakfast with my father, he asked me about my studies, so I mentioned it to my father that the USQ authorities had lost the bankdrafts! He said it would be easy to go and cancel the bankdraft and re-issue a new one (as formerly I thought it would be very thank God for that!). I ws so hoping that God would allow the bankdrafts to be found, but I guess when He doesn't let that happen, He probably has His reasons for that happening!

You know, I did mention that I would not be *dating* for the next year plus and so......Isn't it strange when one makes such a resolution like that, incidents like even more people who will keep asking you on dates on a periodical basis starts to happen. *lolz*.
I think it's God way of testing me.......not to mention the fact that half of these people are *unequally yoked* as there! I DO think it's His Way of Testing me anyway.....

I notice that even within the small groups, somehow, there still is very much of a worldview way of relationships being maintained, although it may not seem inherent so as I somehow had the impression that the people within the small groups were very fervent for the Lord.
I would say that the notion of accountability, whereby people of same gender being accountable to one another is indeed a very good practice. And much more so, if two people are in a courtship.

Guys are still very *visual*, when it comes to women. I would think so. I do not really like this notion, and although it is *idealistic*, but not impossible for a guy to appreciate a woman for who she is, and not how she dresses. I wonder, if guys do take on the character of Christ, WOULD their notions and perspective of women change or what?

What about the notion for a woman to get to know a man for his character in a group setting, through group activities, as opposed to dating a man because of how he looks or because he is macho looking and handsome. Etc. Etc.Etc..
I'm trying to do that, but it is not easy either! I guess it would remain the same for both men and women.....*regardless* whether they're in the church or not....

Of course, if you seriously trust in the Lord for your spouse, you wouldn't simply be attracted to anyone without examining the person's character. That of course, is easier said than done!

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Anonymous said...

You now, sister, you shouldnt tell yourself you will not be dating fer a year or so, cos you never know when God will want you to carry on not dating

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