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A time of testing.

If God took away your job, would you still praise Him? If He took away your family, would you still worship Him? If He left you handicap, would you still give thanks? If He forfeited your dreams will you still follow Him? The Lord gives and He takes away. May we never seize blessing His name". - Job 1:21

It is ironic that just days before that I actually asked the Lord to give me pain. When I was looking through my planner, I realised that I didn't have the desire to fast as before. For four days I had fasted, and yet, now, I am unable to do it. By the end of the fourth day, I realised that I was told inwardly to stop fasting because it was more than enough to do so. Indeed I received my breakthrough! Well, Praise the Lord then!

I was surfing through the sites, when I found this. Indeed, would I pray for calamity to befall me so that it would be a test of my faith or if there is a possibility that it could bring a lost sheep back?
I was just saying to the Lord that if that be the case, or in the case should I ever lose my faith or fervor for the Lord, perhaps it would be better that He brought the pain back to me so that I would continue fasting and praying to be in the fervor,
but then even as Christ had said, the friends of the bridegroom would not fast when He was still there, but only when He was taken away.

I am not sad, nor sorrowful, for what need or reason have I to fast at this juncture?

Ironically, my hp happened to be lost today. Well, personally I find that extremely tiresome because of all the trouble I have to go through.......even if I were to get a new hp, I only need it for texting and calling. I find it tiresome to even search for a new one. I am a very basic person. Colour or no colour phones dont really matter any to me, as long as I can be reached....*sigh* And to get a new Sim card as much time that takes...*sigh*

Well, maybe He's trying to tell me that He'd give me a new phone?? (ha ha....we can all hope, can't we?)

Just as King David fasted seven days so that his son would not die, but Jehovah did not relent, He still praised God even after that! And Job continued to be faithful to Jehovah after his family, riches and diseases were inflicted upon him, let us be like these exemplary warriors of faith that Jehovah will continue to bless us whether in times of trouble or of wealth! May God change us to be people after His heart!

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Anonymous said...

If you still have the "body" of your prepaid card, I think you can get back the same number.

Note: The "body" is the big credit card-sized piece of plastic which surrounds the little SIM card when you first bought it.

U Joe

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