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Sports Day!

Today is my kindy's 2nd Annual Sports Day! By the time it was 12pm, most of us, both parents and teachers, were already flushed and tired out!

The children? Since when did outdoor activities ever got them tired?? I swear that the kids were still bouncing up and down with endless energy after the whole event.....The rest of us were walking around with painful feet and balls of our feet were so squashed up. I was ready to sleep on the ground! Woke up at 6.20. It was considered late as I had to be off at the school by 7am!! And I only slept at 2 am the night before. By the time we were done, it was almost 2.20pm. I slept until like 5.19pm before waking up to go for CG.

The skies were dark this morning. The principal and husband, and the rest of the teachers who were christians committed the event to God and prayed that it wouldn't rain the morning! It would have been disastrous if it did!

Although it didn't seem like the itinerary of events was much, but by the time it reached 12pm, almost everyone (the parents that is) was pooped out, and wanted to go home.....yes...seriously *dead tired*. They didn't want to stay for the prize giving ceremony. And the only reason they did is because those who stayed, wanted their children to look happy with a prize or trophy in their hands. Some didn't even expect to win anything! *lolz*

Guo Xuan (who's barely 3!) I heard, was so excited that he didn't eat his breakfast, and when his mom tried to give him some food, (when he was out in the field), he refused it and turned his head away. The mom ended up walking away and ate his breakfast instead!

Tze En, Jasper and Celina was absent from the event. The first two were still sick....*sigh*. A lot of them were late. Only 4 out of a total of 14 turned up early for the marching. The rest all slowly drizzled in.....
On Friday night, after my college class, met up with Syed. Well, we started talking about business and management....he could give me his perspective on business, as he is majoring in business and started to explain some concepts. Well, I thank God that I have friends that I could share problems with, in regard to work, management and even my faith! *Lolz*

Work was fairly okay. I still do not like the way LS handles herself. Syed thinks that LS feels "threatened". In what manner, that has yet to be known. The thing is, I am formally trained in the ways of training children, but she is not. Not even in writing reports to developmentally appropriate methodology to concepts which each formally trained teacher should be. Yet, I wonder why the principal does not know that. Blind spot or something?

I have seen the way she handles the children, an in my opinion, many of it leaves much to be desired, yet I do not know how to communicate this out........ I think that each of us have to know and learn to blow our own trumpet (as Donald Trump on his The Apprentice show states!). A comparison is made between the two executives one with an MBA qualification but lacking in years of experience, and one the other executive, who worked his way up the corporate ladder but much older, but both having the same level of status. How does one deals with this dilemma?

Anyway, yesterday, the children did marching in the morning, and the two individual class games.
I read this book to them "My first Picture book of Numbers". As usual, I always sing number songs with them before proceeding with a math lesson or even talk about numbers. Then, I read out the title of the book. Obviously the book is a picture book that talks about numbers!

I read with the children on numbers 1 to 10 (one number per page that is), and stopped after that , as the children are only taught up till numbers 10, and many still are not aware or reinforced of the knowledge of their numbers yet! It's only been less than 5 months!

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