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scrapes and more scrapes.

Seriously. I don't know how I get into these scrapes.
When one is not looking for love, love comes knocking at your door.

But I am seriously determined. Single mindedly. That now is not the right time to even start a relationship with anyone.
When I cannot even handle myself, I don't want to handle nor do I even want to think about a relationship.
The thing is, first and foremost, of course, if I have no liking for the person concerned, I wouldn't even bother.

Of course, there is the question of my previous flame. I have had a difficult time just letting it go. To me, he is one "thorn in the flesh", that I would constantly look upon the Lord to uphold in my prayer. I no longer think of it as a sad state of affair, but something that would help me lean upon the Lord to uphold in my prayers, that perhaps, God would kindly answer my prayers for this prodigal sheep to find its way to the sheep pen to its rightful Shepherd.
Indeed the Lord is great!! Without a "thorn in the flesh", one becomes puffed up like Lucifer, and there comes the downfall of us all, without the test and tribulations to form our character and develop our faith.

Trusting God is really a test of faith on my part that I would believe that He has my best interest in His heart.


My keyboard playing isn't very good. I am only trained in the organ since about..1999..When I first started learning it. I have a keyboard at home, for those who are not in the know.

Anyway, I was commissioned to play for my church service on Sunday morning.
I wanted so much not to play, coz my playing had so many mistakes, but I guess the congregation didn't hear it...their voices were louder than my playing, it seems!


Seems like I have been inaugarated as an *unofficial* part of the music team....Lolz. Instead of just song leading Lolz.

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