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Post Wesak conversation

I can tell which among the children are the ones that went to the temple on Wesak Day.

Like Nicholas, I know it was definitely his mom who brought him and his sister to the temple. It would not be his father, because his dad taught him & his sister to sing " I sing praises to His Name" like two years ago. And he said so himself!

Even Ching Wen went to the temple. I KNEW that he went to the temple, but I still asked him. As I sent him back.....

Me: Did you go to the temple on Wesak Day?
CW: Yes I did. I went to the temple. I didn't go to the temple of God. I went to the temple of Lord Buddha...
Me: You know, God doesn't live in a temple?
CW: No, where does He live?
Me: He lives in us... Our body is His temple. (right..if CW understands. Changes subject).
ahh.......I see. So, what did you do there?
CW: My mother gave me some coins to throw into this fountain. It has a big lotus flower.....(and elaborates) some of the coins fell into the big flower...
Me:, do you think your wishes will come true?
CW: I think so.
Me: So, what is the purpose of the yellow string that you wear on your hand? The buddhist believe that it is supposed to protect a person or something...what do you think?
CW: I don't think it will protect me.It is just a piece of string.
Me: Uh huh....uh huh....*good answer* ( lost for words here...)
Me: Did you ask your mom or dad what it is for?
CW: Yes, I did. He told me it is supposed to protect me. But protect me from what???
It is just a piece of string.....(he replies emphatically!)
Me: Ahh.....*okay*. That is definitely a good answer....I can say only God will protect you


CW: My dad says that God doesn't know anything....
Me: Actually, that is not true.....He knows many things about us...its just that us, we don't know anything.
You knw, God is a spirit. Instead of worshipping Him, the One that makes all things, we worship the things that He know, the tree, the cow, the sea, the sun, cars, even those little statues in those little houses..

(Then we passed by this big billboard of advertising the movie Mr & Mrs. Smith in front of Parkson OUG. And changed subject!).

Me: Hei, the movie is out soon! Its about two secret agents who marry each other and then they have to kill each know like, 007? They don't know that the other is a secret agent though.
CW: Yeah I know..but why do they have to kill each other?
Me: I don't know either. It sounds like a crazy movie to me though! Well, their bosses say that they have to. They work for their bosses.
CW: Why do they have to kill each other? The bosses must be bad..
Me: Uh...maybe.

CW then starts telling me about this cartoon he watched on tv. A mechanical nightingale who was destroyed and a real nightingale who sang...
Me: the point of you trying to tell me that story is?
CW: I don't know also! I don't even know what the story is about!
Me: Uh...okay, I don't know either what movie it is you are talking about. But I think it is a movie about the real thing. You know, a bird that sings instead of a mechanical nightingale, you know?!

(after a short pause).

CW: My head hurts!
Me: But why?!
CW: I still dont know why they have to kill each other. Their bosses must be bad. Two bad bosses?
Me: Oh ho ho... *laughs* .maybe. perhaps so!

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