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Passion Cafe today!

Today, I woke up rather early. Early for a public holiday, that is. :-)

About 10am. Then I decided I'd go to the market to get some vege for the rabbit.....and Yati, formally announced that she and my dad had actually gone to get food for the rabbit yesterday...!!
Nevermind that. I still dragged Satma, my other maid to go with me to the market. We passed by two markets, and could not get any so....ended up having "dim sum" for breakfast. She wouldn't touch any of it, of course, so I just told her to order nasi lemak from the stall nearby.

Yup, I got some "dim sum" for my grandma, and we finally got the vege near Central. I don't know where she goes, or where it is that my dad showed her, but it was definitely a BAGFUL. Two BAGfulls that is....ha ha.
I drove to the school, and my maid took the vege to clean and keep away. Yup, the rabbit sure looked comfortable......

Anyway, today, practically all the CG groups went for Li Shuan's official opening of the cafe today.
I went to Winston's (as usual, the focal meeting point lar), to wait...he was still having his fruits...
Ha brother would definitely love his family....what with all the wheatgerm and health food that they all eat.....(it is considered HIS obsession in our family Though!).
I still don't know how Winston's mom managed to get the cherries past the airport authorities, as we are not allowed to bring in fruits (with seeds somemore!).

I'm trying to get people to *adopt* the rabbit......let's see if Winston will offer...Ha ha ha.

Guess who was the first person I met at Passion Cafe??

Wee Soon! OH MY GoSH!! I never knew he was Li Shuan's brother all this while. Lolz.

Never did I realise, that those two were ever related......okay, Wee Soon is my "senior" in Taekwondo, back when I first joined them in Sri Petaling. He has a black belt (duh) and I hardly see him around.
Currently he is working in Agilent Technologies, and finished his studies in JB like ions ago!
He used to cycle to the school for our taekwondo classes every Saturday, just like I did. Lolz.
The first time I came in, they were all wondering how old I was (I was 18 then). It was exceptionally funny.....
Anyway, in technicality, Wee Soon stays near Tmn Yarl as well, but currently is based in Penang as well.

AC Milan vs Liverpool. Finals. Champions League. Thursday morning. 3am.......Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul
They have never previously met in European competition.

So much for Chelsea....ha ha ha....

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