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Ok, I lost my handphone.

Ok, to all who are my personal acquaintances, you'd have received my email with my home number.

But this is just to inform all that I have lost my handphone.
I don't know how it got lost or when it got lost, but it is definitely lost after lunch today!!!


Why cant people be honest if they have taken it??!!

I don't know how I'll survive without my phone, but I think I could survive without it? *gulps*

I don't know if its possible to upgrade the current prepaid number to postpaid (Maxis) or should i get a new number from a differnt network for now. Or what to do regarding a new phone.

This is such a bummer!! Coz this number has been with me for the past 4-5 years. I'm not going to change it ..hopefully....

If God took away your job, would you still praise Him? If He took away your family, would you still worship Him? If He left you handicap, would you still give thanks? If He forfeited your dreams will you still follow Him? The Lord gives and He takes away. May we never seize blessing His name". - Job 1:21

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