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Jonah Day.

I really just don't understand some people. They are those who seem to think that everything seems to be so funny. They laugh at everything, and it is very annoying. They make fun of everything and seem to think they are very funny. AB & TV aret those two whom I'm referring to.
Basically, its even difficult for me to even talk to them. We're just on different wavelengths.
RB well, is okay....and even she was quite offended by the two of those earlier, by the way they talked.

I was so PISSED I had to answer back sarcastically. Then only they quietened down.

Why can't they just be normal and talk normally like normal people ??


LS is also another one. She has one HUGE plank in her eye, but she likes to pick out the speck in other people's eye and is all so self righteous. I was seriously mortified when I so coincidentally came out the same time as her (and her son) when we came out from the FGA old block (last Saturday!) with the members of the Ruggeds CG. My mates started asking me why she "talked so funny" and "weird", and I just shrugged my shoulders and didn't feel like answering. In my opinion, it was too time consuming to even explain her behaviour! And I was the only one who actually thought she was weird. It'd have been very "unchristian" like to describe her as what I really think, but really, IT IS A FACT!!!

Well, there goes the other eye witnesses who bear the same perception of her!
She likes to tell people stuff about herself, but doesn't listen or will answer sarcastically when I do mention something, so I have learnt to mind my own business and not tell her anything. Just because she's in her mid 50s, doesn't mean that she knows anything or everything, and I am seriously going to, but subtly through my own actions and response, inform and tell her that. When she is asked a question, she doesn't answer it, but she gives an answer which is totally irrelevant to it, which doesn't really seem to make sense at all. And she thinks it is an answer!

Although my Nursery Management course says otherwise, I am indeed rendered pessimistic by the way I have experienced these people around me at work. Having work mates like that...*sigh*'d be a long long time before I could accomplish anything out of that!

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