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It is WESAK DAY. I have been to Nirvana......

Yeah right.

The Nirvana Memorial Centre, more like it, that is.....

The bro of one of the members of Ruggeds, Wendy, passed away due to a heart attack. He was barely 28! Now that is scary! WARNING to all young men and women below 30, no time to play-play about your health, you know???!

This is the 4th time I have been to a funeral. The first being my half grandma, the 2nd when I was 19 (to a home of a fellow member of the the taekwondo team), then my own cousin (which was a christian funeral, although his family was not), and on Saturday night..
I even wrote a story about the 2nd time I went to visit the home of a deceased.....and wanted to send it in to the papers....just never got to doing it.

Imagine that you were talking to your bf last night, and the next day, you call him and he doesn't pick your call up. Then you get a text message that says that he has passed away! I hope that doesn't happen to me!!
Half the members of the YAF went to pay their respects at the funeral.

Many of us do not take the issue of death seriously until someone within our circle of acquaitance actually falls ill or is inflicted with a sickness. Then would we only seriously think about whether there is an after life and what will happen to us if or when we do die. Yet sometimes, death is the impetus that spurs us to think of the after life.

This brings to mind, the entry by XiaXue where she wrote that some pastor tried to PREACH during the funeral ceremony....*damn* She thought the pastor was real insensitive to the people's sombre mood at that time. Well, tat entry of hers got a lot of hoo-haa. (as those who visit her site would know!).

How Christians handle themselves during a trying situation, can actually act as light to others. But then again, no matter what happens nor how imperfect we are, as unintentional it was, God has a way of using that particular situation and circumstance for His own benefit.
Just like how Jacob, the biggest scoundrel and liar in the Old Testament was. He was changed to be the father of the nation of Israel!

But it is true, to everything, there is a time to share, and there is a time to be silent.

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